Modders Depressed – Ah, Diddums.

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Good morning. Is this the calm after the storm or before it? I do like a good shipping forecast.

Reading between the lines from Arry  the  cosy chat betwixt the Croat and the Chairman rather left old Modders in a state of shock. Deflated and emotionally done in.

All I can say to that is, ‘ Ah diddums.’

He appears to have genuinely thought that this is how you do things over here. To a certain degree he was right, of course. But to attempt what he was attempting with a shade under 5 years on his contract was …well, ambitious.

Just like little Luka, I don’t understand quite how footballer’s contracts work. But I’d imagine that signing one and then saying you’ve changed your mind a few months down the line is akin to buying say a house for cash – and then tracking down the vendor 6 months later – and saying you don’t want it any more. Gone off it.

I would imagine Cheatski’s offer to triple his wages would have come as small comfort to him if he was liable to recompense Levy & Co for the remainder of the term. Ball park 233 weeks @£60k pwk = £13,980000. Ouch.

Elsewhere we have a quote from Citizen Redschnapps in relation to our old mucker PSB. Apparently he’s very much still in the mix at The Lane. Lucky us. Translated that’s nobody will accept a fiver to take him away. I’ve been accused of being conveniently forgetful about the good works that Blistering Bob did for us. And it’s true. I don’t dent it.

But the last straw for me was when he was at Celtic and was asked what his next move was and with a completely straight face he replied, ‘Oi have a contract wid Tottingham.’ With this streak of shamelessness perhaps he could get a job in Starbucks. Their always looking for people who can ask £6 for a coffee and a muffin without corpsing.

Elsewhere the ITK’s have run aground. Their finely honed attention seeking radars know we need succour for the weekend and so they can’t simply say nothing. So Leandro’s name has been regurgitated once more.

On that note, I know it’s July but don’t forget a coat this weekend, you may well need it. Oh yes, the video below is good if you like Cleese.

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  • Sid Trotter says:

    1st among equals

  • Sid Trotter says:

    2nd among odds

  • Sid Trotter says:

    Maybe PSB is the new signing that DL will announce?

  • 4 Ever Hopeful says:

    It has all the makings of our usual transfer window modus operandi. Deadwood nailed to the sticking place and refusing to float away because we want riduclous fees and on the other hand us wanting to get everybody in on the cheap.

    Ad for Modders, if it really is £40k he is on (compared to £65k for PSB?)then it is hardly surprising we are in this mess.

    It is all so disappointing.

  • ShelfLife says:

    Hvae to say that Redknapp really didn’t help the situation yesterday. If he had only just come out and said something along the lines of “Luka came in and trained very well as you would expect from the lad” that would have been fine. But by blabbering on about how Modric’s confused and that he understands why as he has chance to go and treble his money elsewhere, he’s only gone added fuel to the fire and ensured that this damn story will rumble on. I am staring to wonder whether Arry will be getting a percentage of the roubles should we end up selling to the Russian.

    • iain says:

      Exactly. Levy needs to tell Redknapp to shut up and get on with his job.

    • jim says:

      spot on, im by no means a harry hater, infact i hate the fans who are but as soon as i heard his comments i just couldnt understand why he said it, all its done is cast further doubt on the situation when he had a great chance to calm it down. He says we cant sell our best players so when we dont he sides his sympathy with the player. I dont get it.

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