Spurs Striker Spotted At Sunderland!

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Reports flying in of activity at The Stadium of Light and we’re not talking about Niall Quinn declaring today, ‘Naked Friday.’ Again.

The Neopolitan Swordsman, aka Jermain Defoe has been spotted on the premises. Is he on the verge of becoming Barren Dent 3.0? Is he having a go on one of the girls from their Club Shop? Or perhaps he was simply taking the stadium tour?

Time will tell.

The news comes via @windyCOYS who passes on the sighting via a friend at SAFC in very good faith. If you’re interested in our U18 players and such then Windy’s blog is a comprehensive place to click HERE for any Spurs fan.

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  • Fatfish says:

    Rumours that Rossi & Leandro all but tied up too.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      I’d be delighted with Rossi. Less delighted with Leandro.

      • Fatfish says:

        Rossi is ready made, Leandro’s a project. If the project comes off, would be superb.

        Seen loads of stuff on youtube, a lot of it when he’s playing for the ressies. He can’t be that bad ih he’s played full internationals for Brazil.

    • Aicher says:

      You dont want them all tied up,No, You want unleashed and free, Able to run as fas as they can, without hindrance and bother

      you dont want them tied up, no no no

      • Fatfish says:

        Maybe thats why Modric is confused. Levy had him tied up in his office, angle poise lamp two inches from his hairband, Daniel pacing menacingly in long leather gestapo coat with Donna Cullen just plugging in the cattle prod.

  • Sid Trotter says:

    Now I would be happy if he was at Sunderland – he’ll still be offside – any idea on the fee – linesman may want to charge him double seeing as they have to raise their flags so often

  • Morgan says:

    Lets hope he takes that lacky tosser cuntch with him

  • Sid Trotter says:

    I’m bored of rumours. I want facts Big juicy facts. Facts so big and huge you can sink your teeth into them like a collosal rump steak from the fattest cow the universe ever let fart in our universe. Mmmm, juicy, juciy, juicy. Burp. Pardon.

  • Spurfect says:

    If this is true then surely someones on the way in? Rossi would be the upgraded younger version? Crouch next with the upgrade of Llorente too?

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