Spurs Talking To Top Top ‘Budesliga Name’

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Me again.

There have been a few ‘technical issues’ drawn into the gravational pull that is the boy hotspur. No really, there have been. One amongst many was an email fiasco. You can get me on, but the old faithful, still endures.

So this then, delayed but hopefully still good from a regular reader who’s place of employment is a book makers.

“I work for a bookies in the West Country and one of the other shops in the region is frequented by an agent living in the area.

Their manager talking to me and confided that said agent was off to London to talk to Spurs about personal terms for an unsettled player in the Bundesliga.

His suggestion was that if I could find another bookie who’d give odds on Arjen Robben joining Spurs that I snap their hands off.

I laughed at him and suggested that it was more likely Lukas Podolski, or at a push Huntelaar given our needs…. I’d be more inclined to believe it’s Podolski.”

Now first up, thank you to my friend there for sharing.

My initial thoughts are that the Podolski tip came initially from the speculation of the manager he spoke to. The agent wasn’t placing a bet on Podolski. He was betting and mentioned in passing the nature of his business which included a Budesliga name.
I’d be very positive about us signing a German striker. By and large, they tend to know where the net is.


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