Date: 5th July 2011 at 9:36am
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Good morning.

And so here are the results of the Supporters Survey. And my thoughts at no extra charge …you lucky people.

So my sneaking suspicions were confirmed. The capacity figures at The Lane appear to be right and the bulk of you don’t attend every game home and away. The bulk of you do you bit and join in as and when you can.

So the message there is perhaps not, ‘sack the publicist’ but certainly tell them to buck their ideas up? The Trust may win more friends and thus more clout and respect if they made an effort to venture out of their archaic looking website, scrap membership restrictions and embrace the whole concept of openess. There are some cracking minds online THST, but you’ll have to come to them.

Remarkably positive responsive I’d say.

The pay out reluctantly figure would be the one to on then. merchandise punters are more motivated than your average punter shopping for a t shirt or a jacket because they live and breathe the brand on such an emotional level. You add the reluctant punters to the never shop figure and you’ve a third of your virtually brainwashed customer base who are still refusing to hand over geld gladly. THFC, your buying sucks.

This reflected Question 1. Most fans don’t routinely get to games so money for players out weighed access to tickets. The better facilities figure was higher than I anticipated. Oh White Hart, thou outdated beast. 14 people were obviously so fecking nervous they were somehow backing a move to on this one they screamed, “I see no benefits!!!’ Michael McKintyre stylee. Bless.

And so the 14 Herberts from the previous question snowballed. To 122 good folk who would never darken a new stadium’s door. My hunch is that they won’t be missed. God help the poor schmucks who have to listen to then chunter when meeting up with these visionaries at away matches.

Bobby Kennedy said that at any one time, 20% of the people are against anything. So & Co desperately need to work on shaving that 1% down.

Proof that most people knew what the plan was. But why was the communication so poor that a quarter of fans were ‘out of the loop’?

As per question 8. Only worse. 50% of supporters didn’t have a clue. Come on . Talk to us.

A third of you backed the Bed Sheet Initiative. Two thirds did not. The sooner these low brow clown school drop out pressure groups leave the field of play the better. An intelligent exchange of thoughtful dialogue is the only way forward.


Of course you are.