What Rafa Said To Modders

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Afternoon boys.

Another week of near seismic inactivity at Tottingham Hotspur Football Club. Our stout lads are in South Africa. Their tight lipped supremo playing catch up due to some pressing legal preparation for his impending court case. Socks, pants, vest, deodorant, tooth brush, toothpaste, comb, disposable razor, soap, snouts for bribes…

PSB is apparently acting like cock of the walk in relation to a move. What he wants is to stay in London, on near as dammit the same money he’s on, and be a striker of choice and ideally captain.

What he wants is a time machine, then.

Elsewhere Taarabt & Dos Santos, both players abandoned by Arry are on the up. Adel is bailing on the time bomb that is QPR and Giovanni must be getting earache from the non stop ding a ling ling of his telephone after a cracking Copa.

So it’s Friday and as other sites do their best not to eat each other in the ITK Muck Hurling Hoedown Of 2011, we’ll have a laugh.  Here’s two THFC employees smirking on company time. I don’t condone this sort of thing, but we”l let ’em off on this occasion.

Funniest caption wins Jimmy Saville OBE, KCSG. Jimmy comes complete with a full wardrobe of tracksuits, jewellery, roller blades and hair grooming kit. You get an adoption certificate together with a starter kit containing a dozen Cuban cigars and a selection of Jim’s 50 favourite spirit miniatures.

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