Adebayor Transfer Compromised?

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Good Afternoon,

I wish I had something to cheer you up.  I do.

But the Spanish Daily Sport is running a piece this morning that while we sit watching the girls go by, Real Madrid are all set to offer Gago plus €10M to Manchester City T/A Bedsheets & Banknotes, Eastlands Inc. in exchange for Adebayor.

Adebayor obviously knows a pay cut is in the offing, it’s just a question of which shirt he’ll be in when it arrives. With our reputation I’d imagine he’ll opt for that of Los Blancos. But this hinges upon City being prepared to accept the deal I guess.

Considering nothing is actually happening, it’s all very complicated.

The winner of the Audioboo quiz was none other than ‘TonguesTooShortToFelchWithGodwho wins an autographed copy of the excellent, ‘The Ghost Of White Hart Lane.

DM Tweet me where you want it sent, old girl. And well done.

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  • SA Spursfan says:

    This transfer window is very dissapointing for Spurs fans! I suppose Levy will pull a rabbit out the hat on the last day, one minute from midnight.

  • Benson says:

    If he does head to Madrid i’m sure we’ll hear a string of excuses if noone else comes in. I guess it puts Kane one step closer to 1st team football though so “every cloud.”

  • gog says:

    Dohold out much hope for Kane I thought Lee Barnard would make it and he looked the part when he came on or us back in 2006 unfortunately we are crap at bringing players through

    • Benson says:

      I was trying to be optimistic :( thanks! lol

      • Avery_THFC says:

        You should know better then that…….. We have had more youngsters coming through the doors then toys-r-us, but how many have come through…. it is true we are Shite at bringing in youngsters…….. ban all foreign players, make the EDL the new gonverment, we all wear white hooded costumes ….and life will be rosy!!!!! NOT……. !!! sorry just the EDL get on my goat….!

        • Benson says:

          ummm ok :D not sure where the hate for the EDL comes into being optimistic about Harry Kane but YEA I AGREE!!!

      • Avery_THFC says:

        LOL Yeh true, sorry was having a bad day …..

    • UnkleKev says:

      From what I’ve seen of Kane he looks a completely different proposition entirely to Bernard. He seems to have a maturity beyond his years (he’s captain of the youth team if I’m not mistaken) and I’m convinced he has what it takes to become a striker of the very highest order — just so long as unrealistic demands aren’t made of him at so tender an age.

    • snuftywoof says:

      Kane looks special loves to score goals hope he gets a chance anyone know who our 25 named squad is

      • Benson says:

        Do they have to be named before the window closes? I know you can leave spaces and fill them after the date but not sure whether it has to be submitted before the window closes or not.

      • DAVSPURS says:

        Yes The elephant washers son Vav va voom donkey Adams Gallas Sagnia F lungberg Bergkamp Alan Smith( goaly) subs Pat Rice P Merson sheringham les ferdinand Fabrigas C Allen and the returning Woodgate. hope this helps Harry in his one season to get his England Cv full of silver Cups.

  • 4 Ever Hopeful says:

    I know he always scores against us with alarming regularity but he has never struck me as a hard working team player. So assuming we sign somebody other than Rasiak by 31st August I’d say it is no real loss. (joke in there somewhere)

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