Adebayor With A&E?!!! [that picture]

Image for Adebayor With A&E?!!! [that picture]

Good evening to you,

Have you seen this man?

This image emerged on Twitter earlier this evening but I couldn’t bring it to you as the baby chimpanzee that hosts this blog had somehow managed to get both his arms stuck in his nappy and truss himself up like a Christmas goose with the string of his yo yo.

So here courtesy of @footballramble is that picture. If you click on the second image you should get a grainy close up that proves that if you enlarge an element of a crap picture you get an enlarged area of crapness.

So there you have it. We can’t make jokes about it being A&E doing a meet and greet with looters as whitey ain’t in the snap, but I am sure you’ll find it a great source of conversation anyway.

Remember most crimes occur within a few hundred yards of a Premiership referee, such as Full Dowd or Mark Clattennurk. So the chances of you being personally affected by a maniac are very low. Do sleep well.

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