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Good morning choristers.

I’ll tempt providence and say that there isn’t much on the cards today. That should do it.

Adebayor’s name has been bandied about with increasing regularity. This may be something to do with all other transfer tales dying on their asses, or it might be something to do with us finally having thrashed out a loan deal.

I guess the Adebayor Elephant song debate has been done to death but if this will be the racists last hurrah. I hope this deal happens as it will be good for us and good for football.

Adebayor isn’t the world’s greatest striker, but as a wise man once said: ‘He scores a lot of goals at White Hart Lane and that’s more than our current lot do. Also it will temporarily shut up the last of the loudmouths that have been responsible for spoiling trips to the Lane for the rest of us.

I’m sure they’ll find something else to ‘protest about’ and I’m certain they’ll find someone else to hate, but another nail in their ugly coffin is only a good thing.

There is a ‘fakinel’ shirt up on the ShotDead website and I noticed this morning that orders started flying in yesterday. I deliberately haven’t put it up on here as to me it isn’t spelled correctly and has a ‘c’ in. This will be rectified but in the interim if people want it without the ‘c’ they need to let me or Shot Dead know!

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  • James French says:


  • Exchange & Mart says:

    First plus one. Gents bike for sale £20, if anyone gives a toss.

  • merrrrrr says:

    Adebayor’s goal tally is a better average per season then any other single striker spurs currently plays.

    BNP COMMERCIAL REMOVED as some readers are incapable of reading the comments of a racist without understanding I don’t endorse them.

    • crespur says:

      serves you righrt for colonizing them.

    • Billysboots says:

      So you sit firmly in your seat when Defoe Lennon Sandro Hudd Bae knocks in a winner?

    • @danbolden says:

      no like pretending to be multi culturist.

    • LTRFTP says:

      Nice one, way to really get behind the clear “anti-racism” tone of this post.

    • James Pow says:

      I’m guessing you’re one of the idiots Harry talked about at the end of his article. Moron. People like you have no place in this country.

    • brian says:

      I think you’ll find that when you walk through London its the elephants with boxing gloves that catch my attention. I was saying to my sidekick, Alan the butch otter, boxing gloves are sooooo last year!

    • marlon says:

      merrrrrr, you’re an ignorant fella. Some of us had no choice coming here. If you knew better we’ve been here for about 200 years (wonder why)? But those who did choose to come off the boat, gave up work as skilled professionals to come and support your health and transport systems amongst other things. But if you feel outnumbered in South London, just look around again and realise that some folks your colour aren’t English either. Ask the government why. And the funniest thing, you must go to the Lane – support a traditionally Jewish club and cheer when them LOSERS score but you PAY for the priviledge. You’ll grow a bitter man but nothing will change – just get worse in your eyes. Actyally that’s quite funny you knob!!!

      • Jay says:

        What a horrible racist argument, come on boys we are all spurs fans.

        We have black, white, yellow (lennon) and eastern european players in our squad colour of skin doesnt matter, theres good/bad in every race

        • marlon says:

          agreed, but we don’t come on here to read nonsense like that

        • Spurstacus says:

          So we must learn to live and learn to give each other what we need to survive together alive.

          Always thought Lennon was a Turk. He has chillysaucesalad? With every meal.

        • McG says:

          Sorry, but if you can’t see past the colour of people’s skin, you’re just scum, simple. Please piss off & support another club.

    • white knight says:

      Political correctness gone mad. The lad merrrr has a right to say what he wants so stop being a bunch of hypocritical do gooders and get on with washing your elephants! lol.

  • Steve says:


  • Eastupper says:

    Merrrr… you are the scum of the earth.

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