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Good morning,

Yesterday was a mixed bag then. The atmosphere inside The Lane was a marketing man’s dream. Smiling families, Mexican waves, fans cheering players and singing songs, and Spurs a’ winning. That’s what I like.

Sometime after the atmosphere outside The Lane resembled a bad night night in Belfast. So what happened? What happened to the vehicles that were torched, shops that were looted, the windows that were smashed, the houses destroyed is pretty well documented. I’ve included a short gallery from images I picked up from Twitter.

But what happened to precipitate this? There are actually three paths that took us to this civil disorder.The most obvious, at first glance appears to be some upside down gangster revenge for a policeman shooting dead one Mark Duggan. Duggan –  street name ‘Starrish Mark’ –  was supposedly a gangsta member of Tottenham Man Dem Gang, a street mob believed to be involved with the infamous Jamaica Yardies.

Apparently Starrish Mark was under observation by the fuzz as it was believed he was all set to take revenge for the killing of his cousin Kevin Easton a rapper – street name ‘Smegz’ – who was fatally stabbed outside a Mile End nightclub back in March.

Anyway, legend has it that Starrish Mark was in a taxi when he spotted an armed officer and it alleged took a pot shot at him from the back of the cab. The officer’s life was saved by his radio which took the bullet. The officer then returned fire and Duggan and was shot dead.

A march of people from Broadwater Farm to a local police station then took place last night in protest over Starrish Mark’s death. The march resulted in numerous acts of arson, criminal damage and looting.

The social back drop to this simply reveals how politicians using the phrase ‘Broken Britain’ is a joke. Not a very funny one. It was them that broke it.

You don’t need any  GCSE’s in Neurology to work out that society needs looking after or it goes wrong. Haringey’s youth clubs were shut after the Youth Services budget was slashed by 75% after a cut of £41m to the council’s overall budget.

Now I’m not going to try and kid you that because there’s nowhere for teenagers to play ping pong Curry’s got robbed. But it’s all part of the bigger picture whereby people who are vulnerable are effectively abandoned by society.

Environments where these gang cultures are allowed to blossom need to be attacked. You break the cycle with education and tackling the abysmal places these disaffected people were sent to live.

I have no political affiliations. I think that they’re all bent. But the if you want to point a finger, point it at the last Labour government. In power for years and all they did was become as fat and corrupt as their so called old enemies the Tories. What was their legacy for the going nowhere people of Broadwater Farm? Policies so inept that the weak and the futureless are the first to get bitten as the inevitable cuts are implemented.

That said, whatever insane agenda of revenge the mob had, their social and economic plight doesn’t excuse trying to disguise a looting and vandalism trip as a protest. It’s highly unlikely there will be many arrests, but let’s hope there are. This lot aren’t freedom fighters they’re criminals.

When people are burning cars on their own streets the problem is bigger than looking for a youth in a hoody carrying matches.

Click on the image below to launch the gallery…

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  • A_Felching says:

    Fuck them, no manners. The boys in blue are a soft touch, wayer cannon and batton rounds would have taken the spring out of the gangstas steps

    • Aimee says:

      Water cannons have never been used in the uk.

      • chris says:

        as northern ireland is part of the uk water cannons have been used very regularly in the uk…….

      • Tight - Head Prod says:

        catch a grip !!!!!! you ever watch the news about over here in N.Ireland. Bloody things get used around the marching season and we even lend it to other police forces!!!!! Then again, you maybe one of thoses people who only comment about what happens in your own back garden. NORTHERN IRELAND is part of the fucking uk!!!!!! And Proud of it!! Not all of us are ” wannebe spud thick micks”

        • frontwheel 2 says:

          You and Merr should meet up and have a hate fest

        • white knight says:

          All those muppet do gooders hating Merr yet your multi cultural friends are the f@cking scum and the problem. F@Ck off up a tree.

        • LosLorenzo says:

          White knight, you can take your anti-“multicultural” bullshit and shove it up your ass. I’m from Norway. You sound a lot like a particular Norwegian who’s been in the news a lot lately. You’re just pissed off because you’re too stupid to get a job that doesn’t frequently feature washing toilets. So you blame the Muslims/blacks/Asians for “stealing” jobs. But even if they weren’t part of British society, you would still be the lowest of the low, doing your shit job (do you even have a job?) with your defective brain, and what I can only assume is a pathetic excuse for a manhood.

          Fuck right off.

        • white knight says:

          Lmao at lorenzo, couldnt give a flying f@ck what you have to say. Your multicultural friends didnt need a second invitation yesterday to go looting n rioting did they? You know nothing my son, your just a do gooder or are you one of them?

        • LosLorenzo says:

          If you couldn’t give a flying fuck, why are you posting on here? And why are you checking back hours later to see what people replied? You are more transparent than you think.

          I’m from Oslo, and almost all of my friends are white. Never thought of myself as a dogooder. Don’t give money to charity.

          Not being racist is not a personal preference to me. It’s just bloody obvious. Even if you can’t wrap your little head around the philosophical arguments; look to history. It has laid bare the idiocy and evil of those who lashed themselves to the mast of the ship Xenophobia.

          I’m glad I made you laugh, you deserve it. You are certainly the laughing stock of this blog. Now piss off you troglodyte.

  • A_Felching says:


  • Rimspur says:

    Do we really want to spend £300 odd million to build a new stadium here?
    Hope Danny boy wins his appeal now for Stratford.
    Safety first…traditional second!!

  • sadbuttrue says:

    The looting and fires where probably nothing to do with revenge, just these low lifes getting kicks from rioting. As for the looting, shootings, stabbings and violence, a racist man would say what do you expect with a town full of *******.

    • AndJolKnowUsByTheTrailOfDead says:

      A racist man being you? I’m very disappointed by the frankly sociologically backwards standpoint some Spurs fans are willing to jump to.

      • sadbuttrue says:

        I am ashamed of ignorant view I am taking on all this as I feel I am better then the racist idiots who would write such rasicts vile as I have above, yet, I’m not wrong. Fill a town, country or continent with Black people and you get the same result. Im not gonna give the old ‘Im not racist, I have black friends’ bollox, cos I realise Im being very racist, but dont want to be, but my view is that of a realist, can anyone deny what I am saying?

        • AndJolKnowUsByTheTrailOfDead says:

          I haven’t the words for you.

          Maybe go and do a Sociology G.C.S.E? Or are you too far gone?

          Are you of the opinion that had Africa instead been occupied by white people that it would be a metropolis by now?

        • AndJolKnowUsByTheTrailOfDead says:

          I haven’t the words for you.

          Maybe go and do a Sociology G.C.S.E? Or are you too far gone?

          Are you of the opinion that had Africa instead been occupied by white people that it would be a metropolis by now?

          You don’t understand, what you’re actually saying is fill a town, country, continent -with impoverished people who’ve been shat on and abused for centuries.

        • sadbuttrue says:

          I am of the opinion, rightly or wrongly, that wherever there are black communties, there is more crime. Im sorry that is my view, and I know it may be wrong, it may well go hand in hand with poverty, or maybe I should just keep these views to myself as this is a football forum, I am sorry for the obvious offence I have caused.

        • UnkleKev says:

          I tried composing a calm and dignified response to your racist diatribe, but the only words that readily came to mind were ‘fuck’ and ‘off’.

        • nicktheyid says:

          this isnt a race issue its ignorance ! ignorance on the part of the kids that have joined in not knowing the full story and not caring either.just a laugh and a free dvd player to them.ignorance on the part of the police who hav learned nothing from the last tottenham riots and thought that this would “die down” so just did nothing when a possitive attitude was needed.they would have come out and spoken to the tv cameras but an angry mob is a little out of chief inspectors remit.

        • Alspur says:

          I used to live on Grand Cayman and I can assure you that it’s a very peaceful and prosperous place…

          …furthermore, it is largely populated and run by people of colour (every shade of colour, but mainly black)…

          There is also no racism. Yep, ZERO racism, which is what happens when every family on the Islands has at least one white and one black person in it, due to many centuries of inter-mixing…

        • LosLorenzo says:

          Fill a town, country or continent with POOR, UNEDUCATED people and this is what you get. Black has nothing to do with it. But since you openly admit to being racist, your confirmation bias probably won’t allow you to interpret the massive body of evidence supporting my view, so I’m wasting my time.

  • Essexian76 says:

    Once again the name of Tottenham is associated with everything wrong in society. It’s the way the locals want it to be and no amount of soft soaping will eradicate the poison within. It’s a ghetto because its a ghetto and moreover its why decent people move out and as far away as possible. The lunatics who rule the asylum will bleat about underfunding, but why would you possibly want to invest? and why do we as a club want any association with it anyway. Can you imagine if the ground and complex were in situe last night, those people would certainly make a beeline for it because of it’s iconic nature and good pickings. Still, EBay will be busy no doubt!

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