Date: 28th August 2011 at 3:02pm
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The mood in the camp? Oh I think moribund is a good word. Charity begins at home so let us start there. Anyone know why it took four goals before our magnificent home fans begrudgingly gave us a few rounds of ‘When the Spurs go marching in’?

On a positive note, our lot can boo upon demand. was booed excellently and got a nice dismissive burst of boos when he was subbed. Impressive stuff.

I tell you this, there is a malaise at Spurs and it’s not just in the dressing room, it’s in the home stands. I really can’t recall the last time I went to The Lane and wasn’t irritated by some genuinely thick , deeply unpleasant people. Our away fans are a delight. The contrast is chilling. Had you not been told otherwise and were just listening you’d say the game was at Eastlands.the TV

So well done everyone for yet again filling the TV images with empty seats. You deserted at United and you deserted again today. A balloon if you can identify the fan sneaking out before full time let alone added time at Old Trafford in the photo at the top of the blog.

So to the game. The tactics matched the performances in that they were both bizarre. , bar one header achieved nothing of note. Azza Blud managed to spoil at least three moves due to his inability to cross a ball. Bale was supposedly wanted by and every other top top club in the world last season. So why isn’t he deployed more? Nobody passed to him for the first 30 minutes. Was that a plan? Our back four is riddled with gout yet should Dawson, and Charlie be such a fifth rate combo?And what has become of ? He’s burped into being our third choice goalie. And replaced by a guy that lets in 7 in two games. That’s show business, eh? Modric didn’t look happy, didn’t look happy. Huddlestone came on and unbelievably did nothing whatsoever yet again. In short we need to clutch rosary beads and hope that the results of these last two spankings don’t get out. If they did and you were toying with the idea of joining us, would you? Mind you better to quit while you’re ahead, rather than join a gang of quitters followed by quitters, eh?