Bid Placed For Cahill

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And they’re off.

I am indebted to a gentlemen I made the aquaintance of last week at t’Reebok who tells me Tottngham Hotspur’s name is doing the rounds as the club that has gone in today for t’Trotters defender.

What class of news is this? In short it fits in with the breaking tale that Arsenal have ‘withdrawn’ their interest in the player. Bizarre gig that. They pitch in with a frankly Mickey Mouse bid and then ‘withdraw’ their interest. Bit like me asking the woman in the shop how much the Cartier watch in the window is, she says fifteen grand and I tell her it looks ‘clunky’ before vacating the premises.

Cahill is no Cartier piece, but he would be a worthwhile addition. As I am sure anyone who witnessed Sunday’s debacle will attest.

Will we land him? When questioned about this last week he looked every inch a man who knew he was off, but was too polite to say so in front of the wide and the worthy before him occupying the Platinum Lounge.

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  • HotspurHamster says:

    I’d have Cahill as long as Bolton take Bassong or even Kaboul

    • jay says:

      How about Cahill comes in for that over rated slow, english centre back Dawson and we leave Kaboul where he is, Dzeko got 2 goals of brilliance down to Nasris delivery Kaboul could do nothing, the only time Dawson took priority with dealing with City over Kaboul he was out strengthened by a 5ft3inch midget.

      Gallas and Cahill would be perfect, hurry back Willy

  • MartinTheSpur says:

    So, in a nuthsell, it looks like Cahill and Parker and the possible, Diarra and the not so possibles Huntelaar.

    Hmm, not exactly shooting my load over my partners face but could be worse, could be Muntari!! Jesus Wept!

  • James. M says:

    Cahill, Parker & Damiao whilst keeping Luka would not be too bad

  • craig says:

    I guess that if we end up with Adebayor, Parker & Cahill as the 3 big names that were referred to then that would be regarded as a forward move, as would offloading Bassong, Palacios, Keane, O’Hara, Woodgate and hopefully Crouch, Hutton & GDS in terms of ending up with a smaller but better squad.

  • 89Spurs says:

    Cahill would be an asset, and give the sick time to heal. Parker could also have a major role to play and steady the ship.

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