Can You Guess Which One Of Our Strikers Might Be Off To Spain?

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That’s right.

The worst one, if your idea of worst is the one that’s scored the most. As I hilariously Tweeted yesterday there is an emerging pattern here whereby our principal criteria are that a player can speak the Queens, get a round in and know his way around a roast dinner.

A decent source in Italy is suggesting that Espanyol are enquiring about Super Crazypavinchenko with a view to a loan/option to buy deal.

You tell me. It makes sense from their perspective with Osvaldo doing the off to Roma and given the choice of our fearless trio, would you not go for the one that scores now and again, over the Circus ManĀ© and the Midget Gem? Triffic.

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  • bog says:

    i didnt think he had long left on his contract? why would be loan him and let his contract run down?

  • mel scott says:

    I hope it is Pav he is so lazy at one game it took him 41 mins to win a ball in the air.On Thursday night Harry Kane looked better than him and letting an 18 year old boy take the spot kick shows no bottle COYS

    • MysteriousStranger says:

      Pav is one of the few who has a good record taking spot kicks.

      Kane won the pen, and took control of the ball, with an “I’m taking this”. We were 5-0 up, and I guess none of our seniors felt like arguing with him.

      Nothing to do with bottle. Bottle to take a pen in a dead game? Suppose it was his fault Kane missed too was it?

      Stupid comment “COYS”.

  • Azza's Eyebrow says:

    El numero uno

  • gilbo says:

    The main reason I’ll be sad to see Pav go is cos the others are all worse…

    I can understand keeping 3MP – he does offer us summink no-one else can, but the midget should be gone.

  • robbie says:

    osvaldo has just singed for roma not left them are you sure you dont mean espanyol?

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