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Diarra Deal Also Heading Towards The Toilet

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Hello fight fans.

Harumph. Those pesky Spanish and Italians appear determined to wreck Redschnapp’s rescue package.

Apparently, Roma are stepping into the frame in pursuit of Lassana Diarra. The transfer to Tottingham was in the bag we were told by these season’s crop of fresh faced ITK’s. Sadly it appears that the bag has a hole in it.

If Spurs don’t get their act together soon I’ll be looking for a bag with no holes in to stick over my head. Maybe that’s what the blue & yellow was. The hues I’ll go as I asphyxiate myself.

The Italian press are now reporting that our deal collapsed last week and now the Giallorossi are going to step in, not fanny about and sign the chap they need to replace the soon to be off Daniele De Rossi.

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  • Sid Trotter says:

    Hmm, not pleasant news to start the day. The only good side is that there is no diarohea this morning. That, and my fish is swimming backwards

    • Vanderfaart says:

      Never mind chaps just heard the Adebayor deal completed and the animal cleanser debuts on Monday night.£85,000 per week and option to buy for £12 mill if we want after a year.

    • snuftywoof says:

      i was swimming in 90 degrees water in the Bahamas this morning any help

  • Griff says:

    Plus, it seems, we’ve had the added irritation of our very own Alan Hutton commenting on our next opponents!

    Surely he should be concentrating on looking for a new club!?

    • EnfSpurs says:

      Exactly! Get out Hutton we DONT want you!
      Hopefully we can resurrect this deal and bring him in with ruiz and huguain.
      Get it right Levy and slash the cash because Aguero yesterday showed why city spent 35mil on him.

  • BAE'S Braids says:

    To be honest, I think CM is about the only position that doesn’t need strengthening (if Modric stays). Great player, probably fractionally better than our true CMs but not 10-15 million better. Unless we could do this for cheap, i don’t think it was worth it.

    If we argue its to replace Jenas, do we really want to fuck Hudd off that much (or Sandro, or buy Diarra and not play him)?

    If its to replace Modric, who isnt even a CM, then that’s another story.

  • Bobbles says:

    I get the feeling DL is like someone shopping in Harrods, who is convinced he could get stuff just as good from M&S.

    “£500 for a blender, you’ve got to be joking!”


  • SPURSINCE82 says:

    then again, it could be the case, that none of this was ever anything more than typing keyboard fingers gone loose/ out of control. have to say, each to his own but these blogs have lost alot of there bite. seems to me like its simply one lie/ blag/ bolloc** after the next, can’t wait for spurs to start playing, god forbid that would give us somethinig actual to focus on or discuss.. COYS

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