Diarra ‘ITK’ Was Sadly ‘BS’

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Good morning.

I do hope you kept your receipts. It turns out that Diarra transfer we were all encouraged to buy was in fact a lemon.

Things change of course, no man can predict the future. Look at Michael Fish. But it does make you wonder how it is that seemingly dozens of ‘in the know’ merchants told us repeatedly that this was done, double done and done again for the player to then say, 

“Information about my departure is a lie. There is no agreement with Tottenham.”

I can understand one bloke calling it wrong – Benzema anyone? – but this smacks of bandwagon jumping.

The jury on Diarra was split anyhow. Some saw him as an ex Pompey type bloke and others argued you don’t play for Real Madrid for nothing. Well, now we’ll never know.

Ah well …next!

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