€14M Bid Placed With Ze Germans

Soon be time for lunch. I’ve been making a ragu all morning that is causing passing Italians who catch a whiff to weep uncontrollably in the street.

Elsewhere, word just in that we’ve placed a bid for a young man by the name of Serdar Tasci.

It was only last month that the 24 year old  Stuttgart defender was ‘in talks’ with our friends at The Emptycrates, but alas no deal was done.

Will this happen? I’m told it’s very likely.

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  1. Have you joined my Fantasy League yet? Click on the young lady over there >>> :daumen:

    1. Isn’t that Stan Boardman? …heard the one about him getting chucked out of a Leeds FC end of year party?

    1. I understand thats it’s a complex two part deal that will get us a new right back… at least I keep hearing ‘Tasci for Maicon’ banded about a lot

  2. A new day, a new name – that in itself is refreshing. I imagine this will go the way of all the others – ie they’ll end up wanting 2 gazillion squids for him and we’ll (sensibly) put our wallet away.

    30m for Llorente? 35m for Hulk? 20m for Diarra? 20m for Adebayor? 35m for Rossi?

    Is it just me or all all these figures insane? Yes, even Hulk!

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