€26M Bid On The Cards

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Good Afternoon,

That Dave Cameron’s a card isn’t he… am I alone in wondering if he could safeguard a Tuck Shop?

But first prize at Clown School today has to go to Stan Collymore who genuinely believes that now is the time for cultural icons such as footballers and rappers to step forward and offer to help out ‘the kids’.

Stan, it is one of the reasons that these uneducated subculture scumbags are in this vacum of theft, bullying, violence and misery …they can’t see much beyond the plastic ‘glamour’ of footballers and rappers.

Branches of Waterstones, of all the stores attacked were uniquely left unharmed and this speaks volumes about what’s missing from these people’s lives.

Anyway. Football.

Word from Spain is that the mighty Tottinghams are plotting a €26M bid for the boy Llorente. I’m unconvinced that should this be remotely true that it will happen before we managed to coax – possibly using cattle prods – some of our existing talents out the door.

Bentley should be Blackburn player sometime soon. Defoe is certainly wanted by both Sunderland and Toon who both have cash money on the hip. PSB is probably bound for the midlands but we’re in undisclosed fee territory here.

Is Llorente the answer? Arguably not. But given that many other doors are closing by the minute it will probably be a toss up between him, Adebayor or Benzema.

And all this of course, points quite soundly towards last minute deals.


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  • greavesie says:

    oh well, if we can’t afford a real striker, we might as well buy another imitation one

  • Sid Trotter says:

    I thought benzema signed for us last year?

  • onedavemackay says:

    Over his career Llorente has not been exactly prolific but over the last three seasons he’s scored 60 in 131 games which is top drawer and if you need comparisons it is a similar strike rate to Drogba in his time at Chelsea.

    The point is we cannot afford the wages of most of the big name strikers so it makes sense to get in a big guy who knows where the net is.

    This may be a smart move and might mean we get rid of Crouchy.

    • UnkleKev says:

      He didn’t look much like he knew where the net was on Saturday.

      • spursmartio says:

        I agree with you Kev. Wasn’t impressed on Saturday. Thought he looked like the stature of Pav. For me Adebayor, but what do I know.

    • Lennon's dad says:

      You could get both legs broke Makay talking like that. Crouch is on fire lets see if it burns out when he hits the premier but its got to be with Defoe. Keep this under the bonnet Harry is Looking at Alan Smith no not for goal has a striker.

  • greavesie says:

    who did he score against? real? barca? or the bottom 15 in spain who my granny could score against

    • Bobbles says:

      Sign her up at once – assuming she’d settle for £60k a week.

    • onedavemackay says:

      Your Grannie may be able to score against the lesser Spanish sides but our existing strikers couldn’t convert 50 odd chances against Blackpool and West Ham let alone all the other dross at the bottom of the EPL.

      If he can score a goal every couple of games in a decent Spanish league he can’t be too shabby.

    • John White says:

      Is your granny’s name Sandra?

    • LosLorenzo says:

      The bottom teams are who we struggle against, if you remember. It might not be a bad thing to have a forward who could maul such opponents.

    • Spurs fan who didn't riot says:

      He scored against all top four teams in La Liga last season. He probably didn’t give it everything on saturday, but he has shown quality throughout last season.

      • Devonshirespur says:

        Aren’t the spanish teams a couple weeks behind in their pre season, so hard to judge them/Llorente at the weekend.

        For me:

        PSB, Pav, GDS, Palacios, Hutton & Crouch, Bassong OUT (£45m)

        Llorente, Rossi, Diarra, Samba IN (£80m)

        If we lose more than 1 home grown we need to replace with home grown, so the likes of Cahill, Parker are an option to meet the rules

    • phatboybob says:

      i think he scored against 4 of the top 5 sunshine

  • liamyid says:

    I dont care who it is, just anyone to freshen things up. It may give some of our strikers a kick up the arse. It tooks Bentleys £16m move to make Lennon the player he is today!

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