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Good morning.

Thank goodness we have another game of football before us. And what a game it will be. In a crazy parallel universe or what mental health experts are referring to as Lollypoplanditus, Spurs will move the ball around against Manchester United with the same self assured ease that they displayed at Tynecastle.

Now, one of the old blogger network type chaps I have had the pleasure of meeting is Chudi and he runs the old The Busby so who better to get a bit of pre-match banter on the boil with?

Let’s get the fun stuff out the way then. Your predictions for Monday night please mate?

I’m going with 2-1, think you’ll get a goal against our young defence but our fire power will win it for us.

What’s the deal with your new goalie?He looks about 12, wears XXXL clothes and doesn’t seem to like footballs very much.

De Gea has made mistakes but they have over shadowed the ability he has shown. Was never going to be easy to replace VDS and these errors haven’t made it easier but he will come good, I have no doubt about it.

Gary Neville talks lots of sense as a pundit but unfortunately, looks like a heroin dealer. Do you think people will eventually just listen to what he says and warm to him? 

You can’t deny that he knows his stuff, I had a Liverpool fan remark to me today that he was surprisingly good ahead of their game with Arsenal. You can dislike him for how pro United he was during his career but you can’t deny his knowledge.

What is the deal with Berbatov? If he was still at WHL he’d start every week. Do you think there is an ‘issue’ between him and SAF? He must of known he was buying a bloke who mostly looks a bit bored? 

Berbatov is a classy operator and offers something that none of our other strikers do. He has a big following amongst fans as well as those who aren’t quite enthused with his languid style of play.

He seems to be out of favour already with Welbeck starting instead of him in Hernandez’s absence so it doesn’t bode well for him!

Having seen your lot disassemble City in the Charity Shield, I’m struggling to see who will stop you winning the title again. Who do you see as a real threat?

My thoughts are our biggest threat will come from the other side of the city.Not convinced by Chelsea, Arsenal or Liverpool.

City already have a decent team and have added Kun to that. If they can keep  Tevez things will be interesting especially as they seem to have a deal in place for Nasri.

Apart from Modric & Bale *rolls eyes* is there anyone in our ranks you think is a quality player?

I’m a fan of Huddlestone even if he isn’t the most mobile also Sandro is a bit tasty. Saw an U12s game against Arsenal last season and there was a blonde kid that looked like a young English Messi too.

Do you want to buy Bentley? Gift wrap and delivery inc. easy terms available.

I’m hoping you mean the car because if you mean David, you couldn’t pay me to take him!


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