Date:31st August 2011 at 6:17pm
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Good evening crouch potatoes.

This has got to have been one of the funniest windows witnessed in recent seasons. Largely as the big boys have got involved we have some proper comedy opposed to the online religious cult. Bellamy in a helicopter. Benayoun fleeing Israel by unspecified means and David Bentley travelling to Upton Park on a Boris bike.

Begbie is off to Villa is done. Big Eck is creaming himself at the prospect of eventually landing the Generalissimo. Jenas & Crouch are in a holding pattern.I say holding pattern, 3MP did end up in the van and is currently shaking off the aftereffects of some heavy duty sedatives.

What will this trigger? Not much is my prediction. The tangible impact of both departures would be wage bill orientated rather than funding a crazy megabid for a household name.

Killjoy? Pr’aps, but work it out, all we could realistically generate is enough to pay for the Scotty Parker and a yet to be naffed up Cahill deal.

More as I don’t get it.