Date:2nd August 2011 at 8:31am
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Good morning my dears,

And we’ll kick off today with a quote from Willie McKay. Willie is Joey Barton’s agent of course. A little known fact about Willie is that he has a goldfish swimming in cerebral fluid in the gap where his frontal lobe used to be.

I think Barton would  be a useful addition dependent only upon wage demands and our ability to move along the usual suspects.

Barton is undoubtedly bullish and a player with a focus if not the the most gifted bloke to ever kick a ball. So a good suitable character to throw into the mix with Sandro and Sarge.

Palacios is possibly off, but if he isn’t then the idea of someone to replace him when he picks up those inevitable yellows and has the ref watching him like a hawk is a good one.

Discipline wise he ‘s a checkered past but who amongst us aside from the terminally dull has not? The clucking about his possible negative contribution to the dressing room has begun already. I disagree. The fewer people we have wearing headphones listening to def bleeps and soulful vibes the better. I like my footballers to have pre-match rituals like  ‘putting their boots on and glaring. Not discussing where’s good to spend £600 on a baseball cap.

That said, I say he’ll hook up with all his pals at West Ham.