Date: 22nd August 2011 at 9:54pm
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In an unsensational and all too predictable flash of cockroach like behavour, our tight lipped supremo passed the buck for this evening’s thumping to …Chairman Daniel Levy.

Levy, who has done nothing but hamper the clubs process by shipping in expensive deadbeats for the last two years finally brought Mr Redschnapps out of his self imposed vow of silence and meditation this evening.

“We need one or two and we need some characters and I’ve said this for a long time to the chairman.

I know exactly who we need and if the chairman can help me get them then we’ll be a better team”

This would be funny if I didn’t care. bought back and his strategy there was to eventually give him a DVD. Arry watched PSB die a slow at and spent millions resigning his corpse. And then brought in and did his level best to turn us into a modern day Watford.

If this wasn’t enough, he then publicaly backs the idea that we sell arguably our best player to fund the purchase of an old West Ham player and an old Pompey player. Not mum’s jewellery, Dell!

In the words of Del Trotter, who needs a recession when you’ve got him as a financial advisor?’

makes Venables look like Alan Sugar. He makes Fred & West look like Terry & June.

Yes he’s probably the best manager since Keith, but by Christ he’s beginning to frighten me now.

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