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Good morning,

An excellent statement from the Chairman this morning in relation to the criminal blitzing of N17 by opportunist scum yesterday. The full message is on the official site of course but the jist is that practical measures need to be engaged to organise a physical clean up of the area and the regeneration plans are core to the well being of not only businesses but private citizens who live locally.

On yesterday’s blog we trod a tricky path where with I think one exception I didn’t censor the views of those that felt that this wasn’t a multicultural riot and that specifically only one or two ethnic types were to blame. Despite there being numerous images available of whitey, shoulder to shoulder with criminals of all creeds.

I’d like to thank the bulk of the rest of that blog’s contributors who understood what was happening and didn’t brand me a racist cohort or the entire blog a platform for neo Nazis. As I have commented before, I’d have the BNP on TV every night at 9pm until every whitey in the country had watched enough to understand these people are actually deranged.

You don’t do away with things by hiding them away. I’m a fine one to talk, but it’s very much like going to the dentist. Horrible little cavities don’t go away on their own, you ignore them they rot and eventually the entire tooth is lost.

What has emerged in the aftermath of all this is that London, if not Britain is in trouble. Too many people have slipped through society’s net. Some appear to have been forcibly squeezed through it. People have to understand that this isn’t because they are of any particular ethnicity, this is to do with how they live.

It’s very easy to say, ‘Society is going to the dogs’ and turn the page of your newspaper looking for another article that points out who to blame but these kids aren’t just in trouble, they’re doomed. We need to actively save the next generation from following this current lot of hopeless losers and habitual petty criminals over the same abyss.

Here’s a picture from Twitter of a looter with his spoils. It looks a legitimate enough snap to me. I’d like you to just look what he has spread upon his table and then at the guy’s face for a minute. He’s genuinely happy. Like a child on Christmas morning. You could find that expression on any of a hundred thousand Facebook Albums; as one of a group having a few drinks at a party, as a guy stood in front of the Eiffel Tower on his holidays. He’s happy.

How desperate is this poor gits life that charging into a shop in darkness with the bells peeling and flames raging grabbing ‘stuff’ in the half light makes him happy? He’s amassed a few DVDs or computer games there, some fragrance, a couple of things to help him make Skype calls and a barrel of that stuff that body builders eat. Not sure what’s in the yellow tubs, it might be hair wax at a guess.

This chap is actually in trouble and I’m not talking about having his boat race on my website.

He’s in trouble because black, white, yellow or purple people like him are growing in number because society has decided to actively ignore them. Government after government has ignored them. The schools can’t cope because they are underfunded and outdated. Did anyone watch Jamie Oliver’s Dream School? I know, I know, he’s a lisping gooner mockney but we mustn’t descrimnate.

Kids like the kids on that show are being groomed by a society that hasn’t so much failed them as totally disregarded them. I honestly wonder if someone in a smoke filled room at Number 1o doesn’t explain to every new PM that, ‘well who do you think is going to serve the fast food? We can’t give everyone a leg up, the country would fall to it’s knees, old boy.’

I came into possession very early this morning of a document produced by the Met last night in relation to this situation. Just in case anyone reading thinks this is a storm particular to the N17 tea cup.  Here are some extracts as I’ve been asked not to link to the page itself.

Police are tonight responding to copycat criminal activity across London and are deploying officers to tackle it.

There has been looting in a number of boroughs in north, east and south London by small and mobile groups. Groups of youths continue to attack police officers and a number of police vehicles have been damaged.

Three officers have been taken to hospital after being hit by a fast moving vehicle at approx 00:45hrs. The officers were in the process of making arrests in Chingford Mount, Waltham Forest, in connection with youths looting a shop. Two officers are believed to have superficial injuries and the other has an injury to his knee.

Earlier tonight in Walthamstow Central more than 30 youths, many in masks, vandalised and looted a number shops including BHS. Officers attended the area and the situation is currently under control. Groups of youths are continuing to target shops in Waltham Forest and officers are on scene.

In Brixton there has been disorder and looting. LFB are dealing with a fire at Footlocker on Brixton High Road.

Rival gangs attended Kings College Hospital after two victims of minor stabbings were admitted resulting in a fight. The hospital has brought in additional security for the remainder of the night and officers remain on scene dealing with the initial stabbings.

In Enfield Town Centre and surrounding areas the disorder has been contained. Resources are in the area and the High Street remains cordoned off to contain the disorder.

Approximately 50 youths congregated in Oxford Circus. Officers attended the area and the situation is currently under control.

In Islington there were reports of a group causing a disturbance and a police vehicle windscreen was smashed.

A Tesco store in Ponders End was vandalised and items were stolen.

So look at the photo of the looter and don’t just say ‘he’s black’, that’s as useful as pointing out he’s wearing a green t shirt. You’re not looking properly. Look at the happiness. His life is so hopeless that his haul of distempered rubbish has actually made him happy.

If you care enough to berate him could I ask that you also care enough to ask the next fawning politician who knocks on your door to explain just how they are going to make kids like the boy in the photo as happy because he just had a good day at work. As happy because he got a pay rise. As happy because he could afford to take his Aunty up West to buy a new pair of glasses on his day off.

And that’s why I wrote this. To commend THFC as a large employer in the war zone for wanting to try at least to make a difference. Your job dear reader is not bitch about colour but bitch about why the schools are so bad, why the housing so meager.You’re right to be angry, just make sure you focus it on the right people, eh?


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  • stu spur dooper says:

    I blame rap music

    • Jay says:

      Your right mate, seeing Dappy, Chipmunk and Tinchy stryder making millions by speaking in a talentless way whilst doing it dressed in hoodies, sunglasses and covered in tatoos gives these guys the wrong kind of hope.

      They model themselves on this style by then copying there dress sense and attitude which originally starts from these areas in the first place, this causes them to be unemployable as they live off this star like self proclaimed status and stacking shelfs aint what a star does.

      In reality they are uneducated, lazy, voilent wasters who should be locked up.

      I dont like the labelling of black people though, they in the majority were black but Black carribeans as oppose to Africans, the Africans will clean toilets, sweep the roads, and try in schools.

      Afro carribeans are the opposite.


      • Astromesmo says:

        Elvis was quite a rebel and threatened society when he started… As were the first Jazz musicians. As for the punks of the 70’s, well some of them drink K cider now but others like Vivienne Westwood didn’t do too bad.

        Mods and rockers with their quiffs and their drainpipe jeans – skinheads, these were all groups that were seen as threats to society but were nothing more than a reflection of the culture around them.

        Being into Tinchy Strider doesn’t stop you getting a job and it doesn’t make you lazy, listless, a looter a rioter or any more employable/unemployable than any group into music in the last 50 years. .. Dear god, you sound like old guys in the 70’s when they used to talk about Led Zep fans all having long hair like girls.

        One of them long-haired was Tony Blair… Look what a menace to society he turned out to be.

        Blaming music and ‘them pesky kids’ is such an easy assumption to make. Music is a cultural barometer nothing more and nothing less. And the reason that so many young people in the rougher parts of our cities turn to music is exactly because of the lack of opportunity anywhere else. It’s an old joke in Hackney that the careers advisers in schools offer the kids Music, Sport or Drugs as their career choices.

      • fdklgjeoir says:

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      • East End Spur says:


    • Southldnyid says:

      Can`t believe they smashed and trashed the Two Brewers..Still they did in one night what West Ham & Arsescum have been threatning to do for the past 10 years……

    • East End Spur says:

      If it’s not just blacks doing the majority of the rioting, how come we only seem to hear from leaders of the black community?

  • Wiggy waggy wooo says:

    I’ve been critical of this blog from time to time but that sir is top notch!

    This is what I want to read, passionate from the heart material, not crappy ITK stuff.

    Sir Harry Hotspur, you’tre now back on my favourites list…

    • dancingbarber says:

      Agree with you wiggy in commendation for Harry (and Astro).

      Our rulers do not seem to care for US and I include the demented on the streets with the rest of us. Just like in Greece the punters are nothing, only the markets must be appeased.

      I don’t know why this rioting and looting is happening, but something must be driving it and you could well be right Harry. Life for everyone is becoming a parody of a Spurs fans life. Hope continually dashed sure can be shit.

    • BaconFlavouredSnackHead says:

      Out of everything on this site, this is what you want to read? But it’s not even about football. You do come here for football I assume?

  • Martin says:

    Levy would have built NDP if it wasn’t for those pesky kids giving him an excuse

  • Essex1981 says:

    What a sad state of affairs. The fact that he doesn’t even mind his face being put on a social networking site makes it even sadder.

    Top post HH.

  • gilbo says:

    The timeline of degradation of modern society:

    Roswell, Rock and Roll, Hippies, Microchip, No Jobs, No education (at home or school), No Propspects, Sony Playstation = today

    I love all these things, but look where they’ve left us!

    • Dan Mac says:

      You’re wrong… The world changes but people do not! The same proportion of criminals exist now as has always existed… you get people with good morlas and people with bad – Socrates quoted once that – Society is crumblingbecause we can no longer rely on the youth, they drink and swear and do not show respect for their parents…. sound familiar – as I said, the world may change but people have and will always be the same.

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