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Good Morning,

The first prattle of the season and it’s for the Europa. We’ve watched this game, this competition travel towards us for some time now and I’ve decided we really need to embrace it. It being …in Europe.

We need to distinguish ourselves and try at least to abandon this fast food attitude to football. Looking across a variety of teams forums as I do, there is a needy child element within most fan bases, all looking for confirmation that Messi has signed and that they’ve been given a bye to the Champions League final.

Life doesn’t work like that. Aside from once in a lifetime deals when the Treasurer of The Crown Prince of Nigeria emails you personally asking you to assist in a mutually beneficial business transaction, good times rarely come easy.

“If we’re not in Europe, we’re nothing.”

Do you really think that Bill Nicholson was the type of chap to make pronouncements like this and then mumble afterwards, ‘Err, with some obvious caveats..’ ? No, nor do I.

Yes it’s less money, yes it’s more effort. But any money is good when you’re building for the future and we currently have the largest squad in Western Europe outside of the Cirque du Soleil and the similarities don’t end there…

So let’s embrace this competition and if we’re in it, try to win it. Eh?

The Jam Tarts  seem to be looking forward to the game but less so to the probable result. The atmosphere ought to be intense enough, Tynecastle is an old fashioned ground and the fans are right up to the pitch.

And I am given to understand Mr Dave McKay may very well be on the premises …what more motivation can possibly I give you? Bring it on.

So. We have a lump of players who need to be shop windowed/given some game time. Let’s exploit the Europa and quit the groaning.


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  • Mush says:

    A Spurs vs Ar5ena1 final could be on the cards…….

    That would make the win more pleasurable!

  • Dorset Spur says:

    Hear hear, I’ll be cheering the boys on no matter what game it is. COYS

    ps. buy yourself a decent mic. for your audio boo thingy

  • Hazard's Bandaid says:

    Fair enough – but will Modric be playing and if not is it ‘the end’ – or will he playing with a gun to his head, like Berb?

  • david says:

    Apart from the Carling cup, this is probably our best chance of winning something.
    It’s a shame the organisers do not make it more attractive by offering a CL place for next season to the winners.
    Niko’s agent says he is off to Sunderland and we are still being heavily linked with Adebarndoor.
    Can’t wait for this window to close. Hope it shuts at 5 PM otherwise I will be sitting up half the night waiting to see who we almost signed.

    • dancingbarber says:

      If the last couple of windows is a guide we won’t finish any deals till a day or two after everyone else.

      We can’t afford the computers and who knows what has happened to the telephone wires in all the trouble last week

  • gilbo says:

    I’m all for backing a call to take the competition seriously – if its all we end up with at the end of the season there will be few amongst us who say it wasn’t worth the aggro…

    hope they make LM play, STILL DON’T see Levy selling him. But I’d take ¬£60m Drogba and Anelka.

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