Modric “Still Waiting” For Chelsea Move AUDIO Of Interview

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Good morning lynch mob members,

I trust we’ve someone one with strong rope and another with at least directions to a stout tall tree. Although it needn’t be to tall…

Via the highly esteemed COYS and sourced as being Tweeted by one Irish journo, Ken Early we have some interesting depressing ‘quotes’ from two of our brave boys after the Republic Of Debt played The Croatianists.

Here’s the audio:

IRL mixed zone reporter: “Can you stay sharp if you don’t get game time for Spurs?”

Robbie Keane: “How’d you know I won’t?” *awkward silence*

Modric on Chelsea move: “Idon’t want to talk about it. I said a lot of things before and things are still the same… still waiting.”

reporter: “Will you be happy if you’re still a Spurs player on September 1?” Modric: *grinning* “See you.”

On PSB there’s little to say, little in fact worth saying. He’s like that character in The Full Monty who was made redundant 6 weeks ago but still kisses his wife goodbye in the morning before frittering away his day between libraries and sitting in the park.

On Modric there can be two possible conclusions.

The first is that he has a serious Chicken Badge allergy and the second is that he has another gentleman’s agreement speech in the pipeline. This time bleating that Levy assured him of a big name or two before the window closes. A statement of intent to match his commitment for honouring his contract.

Either way, I’ve had more positive starts to a day. I think the obvious trick here would be for Modric to make a statement that he’s committed to the our money the cause for at least another season.

Ghost Comp (mp3)

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