‘Modric Asked Me Not Play Him’ Redschnapps Reveals

Where to start with this one?

Meltdown at the Lane! Club in crisis.!Manager loses dressing room! John Cross from The Mirror has just Tweeted that Luca Modric asked not to be played prior to this afternoon’s spanking. Jeremy Wilson of the Torygraph has now added that this request was ‘two hours before the game.”

So we have an insurrection on our hands boys. If this isn’t a mess, it’ll do til one gets here.



  1. So why pick him then?

    Why not leave him out and when asked about it before the game, say that’s what happened?

    The problem, Arry, is that when you’ve already not picked Modric for the same reason (against United), and then when you come out and say things like that after a bad performance, it looks very much like you are trying to deflect criticism elsewhere.

    Not that Redknapp would ever do that, of course….

  2. harry needs to fack-awfff! modric might as well be gone, what a load of sheeee-ite! for us to still have crouch available to wear the shirt beggars belief..scott parker???? bell-end-amy?? yeah these players will get us in to the top 4-5…not a single signing has made this club stronger so far..disgusting.

  3. ‘Arry out! Modric OUT! Will Young, Already out…

    Farkinel, bollocks and shit stains.

    Still, Le Scum are getting tonked so my day is just a tad happier.

    Whiksy and parcetamol…

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