Modric Laugh Like Drain & Adebayor Taste Like Humbug

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Good evening ladies.

Another day of the old transfer window behind us, then.  Deep joy. I see the domino theory has well and truly kicked in with our ITK bretheran. Everyone’s saying Adebayor and Diarra’s done. Nailed on done. Or your money back.

My money is on a signing coming from well off the ITK radar. I’m not going to be cute with you here, I don’t have a clue. And that’s my point.

A pal of mine however …who is not without rather bleedin’ decent City contacts thinks there has been some severe gun jumping going on re: the Adebayor deal.

Adebayor to us and City to pay half the money? If this happens I’ll be very happy …but right now I see it as bedtime tales from Lollypop Land in the same category as the Tevez ‘loan’ to the Gunners.

Why would City advance us so significantly? I just don’t get it. I wanna get it but don’t yet. I know you need me right now. I know you want a new Messiah, because I do too… meh.

So, why is this bar steward laughing like a drain?

Prize for the best example of super human funniness this evening wins The Nolan Sisters. This troupe of clapped out songbirds/born again wimmin come complete with a legally questionable lease, a variety of outfits from British Home Stores PLC and a handgun.

Let battle commence.

The t- shirt below will be available on Monday…so don’t blow all your money on hookers and muscle relaxant this weekend  :whistle:

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  • LLL says:

    Hmm… By ‘pal of yours’, I presume you mean you listened to this interview on talkcrap:

    • Harry Hotspur says:


      • LLL says:

        Really? A prick, ey?

        Why wouldn’t you click the link? It’s a talksport interview clip, I promise it won’t give you a porn virus or owt.

        I find it weird that you wouldn’t click it to be honest, you know, just out of curiosity. It’s about Spurs after all. Because anyway if you did, you’d find it said pretty much or more or less, or actually, exactly what this blog post says, and that it was posted around 10 minutes prior. If you hadn’t been listening to talk sport then maybe this pal of yours was. Who knows? Certainly not me, just a prick enjoying the ride, whatever that means!

        • Harry Hotspur says:

          I wasn’t making a point of ‘not clicking the link’ rather making a point that I am certain that my guy (who incidentally is not the son of God, just an ordinary Joe) and whoever is talking on talkSPORT are not connected.

          You said, Hmm… By ‘pal of yours’, I presume you mean you listened to this interview on talkcrap:

          Which to anyone with half a brain suggests I have heard something on the radio and decided to make up an imaginary friend.

          I apologise for being rude, but I kindda thought the playground mentality of ‘rumour ownerhip’ was now confined to the likes of Spurs Odyssey.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Enjoy the ride, sweetie pie…

  • skankehmonkeh says:

    3MP just pulled his shorts down and did his “elephant impression”.

  • CyprusYid says:

    he who laughs last!

  • Espyid says:

    Modric: ohhhhh not chicken, it’s, how you say, very small cock?
    Bassong: speak for yourself hobbit.

  • daisy says:

    You say damiao,benzdma, nilmar are coming then when adebayor is nailed on you say no! I rest my case harry, you know nothing, apart from riddles. You fool.

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