Date: 19th August 2011 at 7:34pm
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Good evening ladies.

Another day of the old transfer window behind us, then.¬† Deep joy. I see the domino theory has well and truly kicked in with our ITK bretheran. Everyone’s saying and Diarra’s done. Nailed on done. Or your money back.

My money is on a signing coming from well off the ITK radar. I’m not going to be cute with you here, I don’t have a clue. And that’s my point.

A pal of mine however …who is not without rather bleedin’ decent City contacts thinks there has been some severe gun jumping going on re: the Adebayor deal.

Adebayor to us and City to pay half the money? If this happens I’ll be very happy …but right now I see it as bedtime tales from Lollypop Land in the same category as the Tevez ‘loan’ to the Gunners.

Why would City advance us so significantly? I just don’t get it. I wanna get it but don’t yet. I know you need me right now. I know you want a new Messiah, because I do too… .

So, why is this bar steward laughing like a drain?

Prize for the best example of super human funniness this evening wins The Nolan Sisters. This troupe of clapped out songbirds/born again wimmin come complete with a legally questionable lease, a variety of outfits from British Home Stores PLC and a handgun.

Let battle commence.

The t- shirt below will be available on Monday…so don’t blow all your money on hookers and muscle relaxant this weekend¬† :whistle: