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Good morning.

The Bale”s on the wing; The Jakes’s on the scoreboard; God’s in his Heaven – All’s right with the world…

First up I want to tackle the obvious charge that this was only Hearts and Hearts weren’t very good. Agreed that was the case. So this gives us an accurate gauge of quite how unspectacular the SPL really is. The Jambos, don’t forget are the widely regarded third best firm up there. Ouch.

Anyway. The Jam Tarts weren’t completely useless and to their credit they not only ran all night and remained determined to mount a comeback. My point being they were hard tackling and in Tottingham’s faces all night long.

Gomes -6  You make me nervous

Walker – 6.32 Lots of positives, more please

Dawson – 7.64 Every inch a captain. That’s what she said

Kaboul – 7.57 Rock solid

A&E -8 Assured and intelligent

Azza7.58 Few trademark runs, but lots of clever little passes

Kranjcar 8 Blimey he’s good. I doubt Arry noticed

Livermore8 Really decent type, a pleasure to see him in the shirt

Bale8.023 The mega bids in January will have many clutching their teddies

VDV8.024 Red hot & Dutch

Defoe 7 The best I’ve seen him in years. More please

Hudd6.89 Very, very assured.

Townsend Give him more game time, someone…

Pav – Not on for very long …I s’pose

Gorgeous highlights HERE courtesy of TonguesTooShortToFelch

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  • Marts2smooth says:


    Was great to see us playing on the box, even though it was on ITV4.

    Only question how is HR going to choose the best keeper for the job…?

    • willbo says:

      Krankie was good and I love him and want him to stay but he did lose the ball a lot last night.
      …As did vdv

      Also i thought walker did a lot better than you thought

      Defoe did look good but scuffed a lot of shots.

      Can’t complain with 5-0 tho.

      …very pleased with the youngsters coming through.
      The Europa league will do them a world of good, And it probably opens up a shop window for the fringe players that we wont be able to sell this month. (hopefully it wont get smashed in a robbed though)

  • Basil says:

    Gomez had little to do- but when the pressure was on, he didn’t look like a man brimming with confidence.I’m wondering will he be the no.1 for the season?- I know we were short in midfield, but why 2 goalies on the bench? riddle me that…

  • Astromesmo says:

    Were they West Ham in disguise? If that had been you playing subbuteo with your mate, he would have had a tantrum mid-way through the second half and stropped off to his mum’s for tea.

    Consumate is the word I think we’re looking for… A word rarely associated with Spurs, especially when playing minnows away from home… Or even at home for that matter.

    Can we show them a video of this game before we play the Baggies & Norwich this season?

    • UnkleKev says:

      It’s only Hearts … just as it was only Blackpool, West Ham, Wigan et al last year.

      I’d like to see Townsend get a full game in the return leg (which I’m sure he will) prior to being shipped off somewhere decent on loan for the rest of the season. Livermore I’d keep as he looks ready to fight for a place.

      Oh, and I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before — but Modric ain’t going anywhere.

  • Essex1981 says:

    I’ve never understood the 2 keepers on the bench bit. Surely it would a good experience for one of the kids to travel up and sit with the pros?

    I love Harry Redknapp, like an uncle (funny drunk one, not the one who eyes up your sister) but how can he say Niko isn’t a central midfielder? Keep him, play him for fooks sake.


    • Alspur says:

      It’s not that he’s not a brilliant CM… it’s just that he’s never going to be a brilliant starting CM in the Premiership…

      In my opinion, he just doesn’t have the pace to play there – he can get away with it out wide, or behind a front man… or in CM for the last 20 mins of a game, but I can’t see him starting in CM…

      Just my thoughts…

  • chiefa says:

    2 keepers on bench…Crouch, Bentley, Gio, Wilson (i know arry said unavailable but was the only player he didnt say as to what his injury was), all fit and not selected…dodging europa cuptiedness?

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