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Morning all, I trust you’ve all got the coffee on and are all ready for the Longest Day in the footballing calender.

The name in the frame  virtually every day these days is that of Arry’s. In the a past few days we’ve seen why. He tells the post match press at The Lane on Sunday that transfer rumours about ‘Crouchy’ are causing discontent and a sense on unease amongst his jittery show ponies.

Wot a shocker, this was Arry squealing uncomfortably knowing full well a striker he likes despite an abysmal strike rate was edging out the door. For the love of God, he’s quick enough to bench Gomes, but what would 3MP have to do to feel Arry’s wrath, get caught propositioning Louise?

Anyway – the results of the Survey are in and make for good reading as the bulk of you appear to be balanced, well meaning types. So well done.


Nigh on three quarters of you agreed that Arry done good, but is now wallowing in excuses and might well be getting out of his depth.


You were spit over this. Just over half of you acknowledged that few managers are tactically brilliant. The just less than half of you remaining are quite angry about the old hoof it to Crouchy, he offers something different sketch.


An emphatic 50% have seen through Arry and realise his ability to communicate with foreign players is woeful. A third still believe his arm around the shoulder makes for a safe,  comforting and happy place to be.


No surprises here. the majority simply want him to talk far less to the press and focus on managing. Calling some fans ‘idiots’ was a PR disaster that still stings. Only 13% of those who responded feel that the daily calls to talkSPORT are refreshing and fab.


Over half of you ticked the box relating to the answer containing the words, ‘dross’, ‘English’, ‘clapped out’, ‘moth’ and ‘flame.’ But you’re not completely unsympathetic and the bulk of the remainder answering understand that genuinely ‘top top top’ players cost a small fortune in wages.

Who’s On First Base?

Landslide. Seventy five percent believe that Levy is pulling the strings in relation to transfer dealing and when Arry says the Chairman’s dealing with it, he isn’t lying. This is good news, as the next most popular response was that Arry had flushed millions since his arrival. Only 3% called him a good buyer.

Blame Game.

This question essentially confirmed that most people get the picture when it comes to Chairmen and managers. They begrudgingly coexist as best they can. Arry is frustrated, Levy views most of what Arry gets up to with suspicion. Itchy & Scratchy with less arterial spray.

Long term.

Arry’s clearly got a few backs up. Nearly half who voted have ‘273 reasons’ to replace him with what they obviously perceive as a safer pair of hands in the shape of a Moyes or a Coyle type character. A third recognised Arry as a good crisis manager, but the jury yet to come back on him as a safe bet long term.


Optomistic lot aren’t we? About 80% of you anticipate a mid table position on the cards come Crimbo. You think that with the scalps of a few teams who aren’t Manchester United or Manchester City under our belt, things will naturally pick up. The remaining 20% are more mindful of how rotten we were against ‘lesser’ sides last season and are less cheerful.

£40M in cash.

I was surprised by this one. When asked what you would do – in theory – with a few carrier bags full of used notes in exchange for Modric over half of you wanted to go back in and spend, spend, spend. Only a third bought into my hair brained scheme to pretty much guarantee the NDP. Oh well.

So there you ‘ave it. My sincere thanks to all of you who participated.

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  • jim says:

    Personally i wouldn’t be to upset if he flogged Crouch with Pav or Defoe and gave Kane & Ombika (think thats how you spell his name) a go.

    • Spurlative says:

      No. The kids cant cut it yet. Theyre not exactly boy wonders.

      • jim says:

        Dont think they should start but on the bench wouldnt be a bad thing would it?

        • Spurlative says:

          What use is a player on the bench if he isnt on the pitch? Cant see them motivating the players on the pitch unless theyre ‘great lads, real characters around the place’

      • UnkleKev says:

        I’m afraid to say I don’t think Obika will ever cut it at the top level.

        • Dan Mac says:

          agreed – I don’t think any of outr youngsters will having seen a few of them – Kane and Livermore are the brightest hopes we have… but I think it will still be the lower end of the league. Maybe that’s just coming from years of watching them fail and fully expecting the story to repeat itself

  • jim says:

    Think i agree with all the results.Proof democracy works.

  • namingrights_available says:

    It was Deadline day in the workhouse
    The best day of the year
    And the poor fans all was happy
    For their guts was full of beer

    The manager of the workhouse
    Strolled through them dismal halls
    And he wished them merry Deadline day
    And the poor fans answered ‘balls’!

    Now the manager, he grew angry
    And he swore by all the gods
    “They’ll have no Glamour signings’
    The poor deluded sods!”

    Up sprang a war-scarred veteran
    Who had stormed the Kyber Pass,
    “Round up the clapped out crocks mate,
    and sell ’em to the Arse!”

  • nobby nobbs says:

    I was surprised questions re the England job were not included. Love or hate Arry its a pretty big factor.

  • jim says:

    At the end of the day your right about the “boy wonders” bit. But what i would bet on is that they would score more goals than Pav+Defoe+crouch did last season, and ive seen nothing to suggest thats its going to be any different this season. Ade apart.

    • Spurlative says:

      Possibly. The kids may have been just as good our senior strikers last year, but do they have the potential to be better?

      • jim says:

        Thats the thing. Unless Huntelaar and Rossi are winging there way to WHL then i dont see any reason not to try them. If they fail, I would Doff my cap sadly. But the chance, it would be a fine thing, also we could claim a direction within the team. The promising youth. And we all know that you do win things with youngsters!

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