Send Three And Fourpence, We’re Going To A Dance

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Look out ladies,

The boy Hotspur’s experiencing a marble deficiency. Well actually no, merely demonstrating how some things never change.

The phrase in the headline for those of you under 200 years of age was or in fact still is apocryphal corruption of a World War 1 signal illustrating just how Chinese Whispers work the message ought to have read, ‘Send reinforcements. We’re going to advance.’ 

Still confused? Well here’s 3MP’s 35 yard net busting golazo sensation that was widely reported by just everyone from here to Hunstanton and here it is then courtesy of our very own; highly esteemed UnkleKev.

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  • onedavemackay says:

    Never mind that.

    Here comes Joey :,19528,11672_7076344,00.html?

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Please take 37 hail marys and half a crate of stout.

      Would you ship ‘im in, ODM?

    • AidyJ says:

      not exactly time to crack open the box of cubans, er any chance of a striker please

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Curiously I was a told by a football agent about 2 months ago Barton was nailed on for Liverpool. About 2 days after I was told, Barton made elongated love songs about how he loved Toonlandia and all it’s insane little inhabitants.

      We shall see… eh?

    • mazzo says:

      yeah right, frankenstein,s creation

  • AidyJ says:

    Wonders will never cease I thought I’d seen everything, if only he could do that more often

  • MysteriousStranger says:

    If the “18 yard box” has a depth of 18 yards, the 3 uniform lines from the pitch grass being cut – are each 6 yards wide.

    Therefore, if Crouch shoots from a distance outside the box measurable by a further two mowed lines, it’s 30 yards. Just over at very best. Certainly not 35 yards – that’s pure exaggeration.

    Regardless af the finer detailings, that’s a shot that is highly unlikely to be repeated in a Spurs shirt against any of our higher class of opponent, this coming season.

    And fingers crossed, it will be because we’ll be selling him. :winke:

  • JimmyBlanco says:

    First time ever and against Orient, hopefully this will prompt buyers. Llorente, Adebayor, Forlan just one please just one, I’m cracking up

  • Laity says:

    Well now with him doing that against Orient, its clearly going to be used as justification for why we don’t really need any new strikers..

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