Son Of Legend Has Signed!

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That’s right. Son of John White, Rob White has along with co-author Julie Welch signed a copy of The Ghost Of White Hart Lane.

This is a really lovely book. There’s something about boys and their fathers when it comes to football. My first memories of Spurs were Saturday teatimes in the 1970’s. Dad took charge of the kitchen on Saturday nights and this invariably meant chips which for some reason he cut into ‘coins’ rather than well… chip shaped chips.

My job was to bring him in the scores for Tottenham (his London side) and Hibs (his Scottish side). I can’t remember the first time I went into the kitchen and referred to Tottenham as, ‘we’ but at some point I must have because it was in that front room sometime before the Generation Game came on one night that I became ‘one of our lot.’

This book is about a boy (about the same age as I was in the tale above) who’s father is tragically killed in a freak accident. A boy that has to go in search of a man he never really got to know.

Beautifully written from so many perspectives.

And you could win an autographed copy of it. Simply play my Audioboo and find out how…

Ghost Comp (mp3)

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  • Mr_Spiggott says:

    Played your boo HH.

    Don’t have twitter – went to set up an account specifically for this marvellous prize and it won’t let me log in :angry:

    Can I have a wild card entry please ?

    Pretty please ? :finn:

  • DubaiSpur says:

    Another deceptive headline, mus is going to have a seizure at this rate. Just wait till he gets wind of it. #fakinel

  • Avery_THFC says:

    are we buying any one or not. Does any one know any one at the club to gets some info …..

    :-( I hate newsnow!

  • Hairy Redknobb says:

    Well that has not enhanced my life at all, but respect to the old boys…

  • 4 Ever Hopeful says:

    Yes tricky headline but worth the cheap thrill of seeing the word “signs” cos not much else looks likely on that front.

    Anyway John White’s daughter works in my local Barclays, so how famous is that?

    As to the book, it sounds similar to Gary Imlach’s biography of Stewart Imlach (his father), My Father and Other Working Class Football Heroes, which on the William Hill Sports Book of the Year in 2005. Quite moving in places.

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