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Beloved In Christ,

Karren Brady. There’s a clue in the name pointing to an inherent neediness that made her parents opt to shoehorn in an unnecessary, extra ‘r’ in there. Presumably to pave the way for their little girl being extra special, a standout Karren amongst all then other also-Karens.

MORE stories today that the delay in confirming West Ham’s move to the Olympic Stadium threatens to thwart the nation’s bid to host the world athletics champions there in 2017.

No. Questions marks over the Olympic Games arose from civil disorder on the streets of the capital city and live images of the assaults, lootings and vandalism being beamed across the globe.

To suggest THFC hiring corporate detectives to go through dustbins to reveal questionable business relationships in a £500m deal probably didn’t have the same impact.

Spurs have taken their baton home on this. And I don’t like the way they are behaving. When a club reportedly stoops to employ private detectives to dig dirt on another, they’re discrediting the game and themselves.

Ha. I don’t like the way you where Miss Piggy wigs, but the way you behave has no bearing on facts.

Here’s a fact for you Karren. You said repeatedly during the bidding process for the OS that there was a waiting list for WHUFC season tickets. The figure seemed to vary dependent upon which day you were asked. But 15,000 was mooted at one point.

So why are you still advertising season tickets as being for sale, if there is even a waiting list of one single person?

I’ve told police my phone has either been hacked or private records acquired in what I’m sure will be a frustrated attempt to blacken my name and West Ham’s.

I’ve told Father Christmas I want a swanky new touch screen PC for Christmas. Oh sorry, where were we? This I hope is investigated thoroughly. And should it transpire that it cannot be proved your phone was hacked, you apologise in your column.

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  • Benson says:

    Love how she ignores that maybe, just maybe the problem is with her. “Devil with boobies,” the train journey back from being relegated, the backbiting constantly at Spurs while she gets ignored by anyone with an official role at the club.

    She really is an utter waste of life and space. Thought newspapers were supposed to contain news and not some personal propaganda from someone with a role at a failing football club

  • calebray says:

    she reminds me of people i am sure we all know, those cretins who are so poor at the job they do,they throw clouds of shit, accusations and pettiness into the situation to divert attention from the way they have blatantly been punching above their weight for too long and are about to get found out. I can see that place becoming their tomb and i don’t feel anything about that – one way or the other – because i just don’t care.

    • calebray says:

      my point is that it seems to me that something very unsavory is about to be released about this whole affair and she is deflecting the attention before the shit starts to stick to her

      • Harry Hotspur says:

        Could not agree more. That is precisely how I read it too.

        • SpurredoninDublin says:

          There is more than a passing resemblance (attitude wise) to Rebekah Wade.

          My favourite story about her was when she met Ron Atkinson for the first time, and suggested he must be very proud of the way his son “Dallian” was playing. Is it any surprise that the smutty boys hired a bimbo?

  • Sid Trotter says:

    I once played ‘Poke a Pig’ the winner got £5 dependent on which was the ugliest (long time ago). She seems to have such qualities.

    • calebray says:

      a fiver seems far too cheap a monetry recompense for that thing.

      A gas mask, 2lt bottle of mild and ten park drive or the deals off. Suppose shes got to sell them season tickets somehow….

  • MysteriousStranger says:

    Considering the amount of lying and misinformation that came from Brady’s own mouth during the bidding process – whether on TV or in the press – she’s a fine one to act as spokesman, judge and jury as to who is “discrediting the game and themselves”.

  • bukkake-breath says:

    really cant see the pikeys moving to a bigger stadium when they cant fill 30,000 seats.. did make me smile watching them get beat in division 1 last week thou as for facelikeakickinsecondhandfridge shes a cunt but id still smash it, bet shes into glass coffee tables..

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