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Good morning ladies,

Some interesting blood letting going on in down town Tottinghamshire last night and this morning. What I’m finding interesting is the contrast between what we are experiencing and what is occurring amongst our chums the Woolwich Wanderers.

Even Paul Merson gave Aunty Wenger a blast yesterday, all Plan A and no Plan B he said. About five times. Leading Arch Deacon in the gooner religious cult Alan Smith was on the telly reciting all the glaringly obvious areas that Arsene needs to address in the next what, three days in order to give the gunners half a chance.

A Spurs manager and an Arsenal manager finally, firmly in the same bracket. Whodaeverthunkit?

Bolton are good team to cite here and and I never thought I’d write those words in a favourable way. I don’t hail Owen Coyle as a messiah, but you cannot debate that the performance he got out out of someĀ  – it has to be said – some pretty gormless players last Sunday was tangibly superior to the train wreck served up at The Lane yesterday.

The trotters faced essentially the same Manchester City players, playing in a very similar manner. Dzeko was in identical form yet only managed one goal. Barry took an almost identical wallop from outside the box. Aa Silva even repeated faking injury and falling over a bit. The similarities, I promise you were frightening.

The difference was that Bolton when they conceded did not give up. The difference was that whilst the City fans sang their socks off, the Bolton fans got stuck in and let everyone know who was the home side. The difference is that tactically and as individuals Bolton had enough about them to only lose to a bloody good side by one goal.

I’ve been accused by heretics :happy: of not only Arry bashing but inciting said bashing recently. Perhaps this survey, available to all lovers. mothers, daughters and haters alike will demonstrate if there really is angst in the camp or if there is not. Surveys are a numbers game. Opinions nailed down to how many people really feel that way. Not some wide eyed loner typing into a comments box, I represent many who feel the same way… (these clowns routinely do not by the way) one IP, one vote.

If I’ve ticked the right buttons, you ought to be able to answer each question once, but choose more than one answer to each.Hit the image below, should take you between no time at all and two minutes…

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  • Spurlative says:

    Its all about relativity! We are to Wolves, What City are to us. But wolves can still beat us.
    Thats the point.
    We are smaller than we think we are. “the best squad in the league’ ‘great players at the club’ The reason why there is so much of that talk is because its compensation for the failure to fulfill the potential that we have.

  • MysteriousStranger says:

    I was so willing to bash Harry, I mean take the survey, I used my vast computer skills to cut and paste the link. :lol:

  • Spurlative says:

    my point being that there seems to be no strategy before a game. No management. Just a whole lot of ‘run around a bit..’

    • jfdit says:

      I think ‘arry gets some serious stick from us fans some of it justified. Levy should also get some of the blame as he’s the one running the show and our transfer strategies leave a lot to be desired. Our whole modus operandi needs to be overhauled.

      Our Style of play: Under him we’ve played some cracking entertaining football (less so with the freak on the pitch which seems to convert team into modern day wimbledon) so in that regards I think ‘arry deserves some respect.

      Transfers; our weak point without doubt, players brought in to do jobs fail to do so and/or are now surplus to requirements resulting in significant losses for club. We moan about the wages paid elsewhere but tell me what is the difference between buying PSB and bentley for 28 million and paying 150k a week between them and buying tevez for 25 million and paying him 150k a week. At least the latter would have brought something magic to the party and will have seriously good sell on value.

      Deadwood: Levy’s been trying to get rid of deadwood since ‘arry landed, they’ve also added more to the pile. Our obsession in buying certain players because they’re cheap is shortsighted.

      Our inability to shift the unwanted is clogging up our squad and hindering further progress on the pitch. Spurs have been operating like this for over 20 years now and until we start investing in proper players at the right ages we’ll be amongst the also rans.

      • MysteriousStranger says:

        The loan strategy proved a losing one, where experienced players were concerned. We should have took our losses and moved on before they became catastrophic.

        Anyone with half a brain knew Harry had no interest in Bentley, and by dragging that out it’s cost us a fair few quid alone. The Keane experiment was a failed one too – consecutive loan seasons and a diminished return.

        • jfdit says:

          the keane experiment was conjured up in levy’s lab not ‘arrys, for someone with brilliant business skills he got tucked up big time by liverpool on that one. It wasn’t like they could return him under warranty was it? I’ve been told ‘arry never wanted him in the 1st place.

          They were so skint they gave him back to spurs provided we wrote off the money owed on the original transfer. I would have took him on loan and sent him back at the end of the season to clog up their payroll.

        • melcyid says:

          good one jfdit

      • MysteriousStranger says:

        When I said Keane experiment, I really meant the idea that sending the player out on loan in consecutive seasons would result in a sale for a “decent” price, as opposed to simply selling him for a less significant loss when he became surplus to Harry’s requirements.

        You may well be correct in stating Levy was behind Keane’s return, however Defoe was injured either as soon as we got him back, or shortly after arriving, which precipitated the requirement for a striker to come in.

        It’s what we did with him in the following two years that I am not impressed with.

        And given Redknapp wanted Defoe, and we “paid” over twice as much to get him back than we sold him for to Pompey, it was by and large an all round cock up IMO.

      • Iain says:

        “tell me what is the difference between buying PSB and bentley for 28 million and paying 150k a week between them and buying tevez for 25 million and paying him 150k a week.”

        That’s an excellent point that hadn’t occurred to me before. I suppose if there is a problem with it’s about upsetting the less well paid players.

        It’s becoming more and more obvious we can’t keep the wages policy and attract top players.

  • woodenarrow says:

    I cannot agree – This Spurs team is essentially the same one that performed so well in the Champions League last season. SELECTION is one of the biggest issues.

    Would Harry have played Kranjcar and Livermore in the middle of the pitch last season against Inter? And if he did what would the result have been?

    Next Kaboul will look impressive in so many aspects of his play – But in terms of concentration and compusure he is more than suspect and Will give up A GOAL A GAME. He is an enhanced version of Titus Bramble. Sebastian Bassong played 25 yes 25 Premier League games the year spurs finished 4th.

    Now Man City – Are these the world beaters Wayne Rooney said received a football lesson three weeks ago in the Community Shield? Spurs weren’t out skilled (Bale, Modric, Huddlestone, Lennon, VDV) – No Spurs were out fought and out thought defensively.

    • Naughty Governor says:

      Just thinking about Bassong, we should give him a go and try Kaboul in the middle of the park – why the hell not

  • Boy Charioteer says:

    This is like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day”. How many repeat performances did it take before he eventually (by sticking his fingers in a dyke like way till all the leaks are plugged)moved on to brave new world of joy and light.Surely the digital figures on the clock one day will tumble for our beloved Spurs and we will emerge….No, I don’t believe it either.

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