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Guten Morgen,

It gave me little pleasure to have my old oppo Arseblogger confirming that Arsenal Football Club have officially ceased trading, knocked the football lark on the head and gone into the pork belly business after yesterday’s game.

Arsenal were disappointing last season. They suffered humiliation at the hands of the now relegated Brum in a Cup Final. But they still delivered their supporters Champions League football – yet again.

Apparently the usually tranquil Emptycrates was finally ringing with the sound of thousands. Booing. Easy to say, ‘so what? because it’s them, but this is appears to be yet another good indication that Pop is indeed well on its way to Eating Itself.

I know writing this that a vast percentage are mentally switching off in droves. All you want is the name of the striker. Just give us the name or delete the blog – it’s no use without the name. But it’s you snide, shiftless, squinty eyed and soulless lizards that I’m barking on about.

Defoe was booed at Milton Keynes last week. I went to Milton Keynes once. Everybody I was with hadn’t been there before either. All we knew was the place had been ‘made from scratch” about year before and that there were replica cows made of concrete – rumoured to be there to encourage real cows to take up residence in what was previously just a wasteland.

The booing is a  manifestation of unreciprocated emotional investment. Which is to say, fans declaring their support, but then the players failing to beat everybody 5-0 as a thank you.

This smacks of immaturity and an absence of perspective.

So where am I going with this you ask? We covered booing the other week and we’ve certainly covered it before. Where I am going is that I kindda wish that the Murdoch Empire had not just had a few billion knocked off it’s share price, but been put in Intensive Care. That the corporation had gone into meltdown and the money that so noisely slops about the game – overnight whistled and gurgled down the drain.

‘When we buying Rossi?’  replaced with, ‘where you watching the game?‘. ‘Harry out!’ replaced with, ‘Our defense needs to work on corners.’

Yes, we all want more and we all want better, but if fans don’t get a check of themselves their seats at games would be better filled with replica fans. Make them of fibre glass or concrete, it’s all the same to me. They’ll be better company than all too many of the existing whiners.

Your pal, H.

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  • Crisandro says:

    All you say is true. It is a little worrying when fans boo the team during preseason.

    I must confess, I didn’t hear any booting of Defoe at MK, but did hear the ironic cheering when he was substituted. Seems to be the way the sport is going now. Arsenal fans booing their team when they infact finished undefeated in a two-game preseason tournament shows how myopic fans can sometimes be. All teams are still fine-tuning. But I guess there is no time in the game anymore to do this. Everything has to be instant. Even in preseason.

    Crazy, really.

  • Gazodashelf says:

    So who’s the new striker H?

  • N17 Yid says:

    HARRY KANE!!!!!

  • Bobbles says:

    Our chance of top 4 are in the region of ‘hit and hope’. But seeing them disposed would be a sweet silver lining.

    Petty, but true.

    • BJW says:

      *Deposed, not disposed (I know, if I start picking things like that up – I’ll be here all day…but I have the day off tomorrow and nothing better to do at 1am…I hate my life).

  • shidaiya says:

    Cheap, authentic, (clothing and shoes, etc.)
    ???**?????**?????**???????.::???**?????**???????::???**?????**???????.???**?????**??????????**?????**???????.??**?????**????????*******************Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit!

    • chickenbadge says:

      Sounds too good to miss. I’m only surprised no clothing company hasn’t thought of the ‘Football blog, question mark-laden message’ marketing approach before.

      I’ll take 4 dozen ‘No like Chicken Badge’ T-shirts please.

    • Essex1981 says:

      There’s something a bit rapey about your tagline.

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