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Good evening.

First up, did you catch A&E on the talkSPORT drive time show? This is precisely what we want. We know he’s a no nonsense guy. Remember ‘that’ interview? Football was just a job…? 

The intervie with Durham was of course, bulk standard fare. Chat about this, chat about that. But what was so bloody wonderful was the wrap up,’Well thanks  ‘for talking to us, Assou.’

This was followed- quite wonderfully, inspirationally – with an almost naughty schoolboy, “Come On You Spurs!” cry.  A&E you glorious gift, I salute you sir.

As Goughie remarked afterwards, had they had John Terry on, would he have parted with a cry of, ‘Up the Blues!’ It is highly unlikely. Our boy is well worth applauding.

So to Scotty Parker then.  We are – according to large Sam – in fully fledged negotiation for the super hero jawed thirty something Scotty Parker.

Vote, talk to me – y’know the drill…

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  • bob says:

    Given the choice of parker or barton, I’d say we’ve dodged a bullet.

    • jfdit says:

      they’re both second rate journeymen

      I saw parker first hand last year against chelsea, when the chavs broke with the ball it was like watching a one legged man trying to catch essian & malouda.

      Dire is an understatement, I am so underwhelmed by the prospect of him in a spurs shirt I’m in serious need of some of these new nurofen tablets everyones raving about.

      • calebray says:

        but is he better than jenas?

        • jfdit says:

          just about but that’s not hard is it, j**** has been for sale since ‘arry landed but not one offer thus far – sums him up perfectly …………

  • calebray says:

    a&e is fast becoming one of my all time favorite yids of modern times, hopefully that says more of him than it does his peers, as for parker we all need to realise we are in another state of transition – it never stops – this time we are holding on to our main players and replacing our poorer Squad players with slightly better ones. Step by step we either take over the world or fall into mediocrity. Whichever it is i thank Levy we have the likes A&E to see us through to the next stage.

  • bob says:

    BTW given BAE’s ambivalence towards football, do you not think the “come on you spurs” cry, was more likely a shout of distress at not being able to get his cowboy boots on?

  • DF says:

    How about Diarra Harry?

  • LMAO says:

    Bob’s obviously halfway there with his “wit”

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