What Did The Brass Polisher Say To The Barber?

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I am indebted to Citizens Fatfish and Seppoyiddo for supplying some of the most excellent caption competition fodder in living memory –  Salute.

And so here is the first in a – be warned – rapid fire succession of funny bone seeking snaps.

Pictured is the happy go lucky 3MP having his Barnet done courtesy of a local man who’s premises were looted by some animals that broke free last week. 

Last time I looked the old boy had £35,000 squeezed into his sky rocket courtesy in large part to the wit of Björn, Sophie and Omid at Bartle Bogarty Hegarty who kick started an online appeal to aid the uninsured 89 year old tonsorial artist. Quality work :daumen:

Anyway he’s trousered loads, crisis averted, so let’s get merciless on Pet’s boney behind. Innit.

Best caption wins The London Eye. This high profile London landmark comes complete with a nearby river and lots of buildings that scattered nearby for convenient viewing.

Your ownership pack include a large tin badge bearing the legend, ‘Do You Like My Eye?’ , some photos of the Eye and some paperwork. All entrants must be either on their lunch hour or at a loose end.

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