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Good  evening.

The arrival of Emmanuel at the Lane I’d have to describe as seminal. In a stroke his signature made bigots blush and fans across the globe experience something they hadn’t truly felt for some time. Legitimate hope.

Ade’s only here for a year and this is coup in itself. I’ve alleged that Arry is above all a good crisis manager and equally our new number 10 has form for arriving at new clubs and delivering some of his best work …early doors.

Man At Cable Street Riots is undoubtedly another light in the fog of ‘getting it right’. I was struggling to identify him in the first few minutes of my dodgy stream against Mick’s marauders – but as I made reference in the player ratings – he runs like a footballer on a Pathe News reel.  Poker faced, all low center of gravity, big shorts and clumpy boots. No care for this out of place hair until the tackle is over, the run is done, the ball is out of play.

Brad has conceded more goals than anyone would care to mention. But against the backdrop of me actually being a Gomes admirer, I think the Septics’ horrible tally so far requires perspective. 

City and United are scoring goals for fun. That’s not an excuse, it’s a statement of fact. And it’s all about perception …Granite jawed he stands. He blasts his charges in English and the watching crowds know him from his Premiership form. And when the ball goes in, his demeanor lacks that South American comic vibe. His failed dives have all been all out attempts rather than stock barrel rolls ala England’s Number One.

And what of the young chap with facial features that occasionally resemble a rodent with a poultry crest allergy? I believe he’ll come good for us again. Anyone with enough low animal cunning/savvy to attempt to engineer a transfer only a few months into a lengthy contract has enough about them to realise that all eyes are on his stock. As Fernando Torres will discover in due course a footballer needs to maintain his form if he is to stay attractive. 

So personnel-wise we are primed to gradually improve once more in January . The hate figures have gone. But more importantly their wage bills have left with them. To state the bleedin’ obvious, the run into Christmas needs to be a period of consolidation with players learning to understand each other. 

Still no return date for Billy Gallas, but this is such a vital piece of this season’s puzzle. Ledders will not feature in more games than he did last season and Kaboul appears to have an ongoing battle between his classy and his daft genes. Awsome Dawson equally seems to suffer when not supervised by an adult.

The path ahead is potentially exciting. Liverpool are not consistently living up to the hype. King Kenny has seemingly gone from a popular pontiff to a bloke in a chain store suit bemoaning refereeing decisions. Dalglish has paid through the eyeballs for for some relatively so so players. Which is cheap shot as that is known as market forces. 

Arsenal have signed a genuine weapon in Gervinho, but as an entire outfit they are quite a bit broken. The doctrines of their illustrious leader has filtered down as being that of the troops too. But the problem is that they have simply run out of people to blame. Come Christmas I predict spontaneous combustion if they have failed to attach themselves convincingly to the coat tails of the front runners. Aunty Wenger’s jam tomorrow spiel has well and truly worn it’s welcome.

But of course, we’re only a week and a bit into September…


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  • Dorset Spur says:

    The top four spot is there for the taking again. Not convinced with the Bindippers and the the chavs and the scum look shakier than ever.
    Watching MOTD, King Kenny looked like he had his quitting face on already. They’re not getting the decisions like they use to, I wonder how long before he jumps again.

  • Hamish says:

    I agree that Liverpool are massively overrated. I almost stall at saying it – but I think we’re going to give them a simple, efficient lesson in buying quality – not quantity. The Woolwich Wanderers look every bit a shadow of their previous incarnation. Again I whisper it quietly – but I think that corner has finally been turned and they will be spectators at the CL next season. We have a settled squad and can expect at least one vastly improved striker come Jamuary. I think we’re going to surprise a few of the pundits who have labelled us as top seven material.

  • johnhalloween says:

    ha how fucking true is it about parker and his large fucking waist. I thought it was only me ……

  • Benson says:

    Legitimate hope is an apt term.

    A striker needing match fitness but doing more in 20 minutes in terms of movement,passing and keeping possession than Dances with Offside Flags did in 90. A central midfielder that doesn’t just play a pass and then stand still admiring his handywork. An appearance of the rare Lesser Spotted Ledders. A less than stellar defensive performance yet one that still brought about a clean sheet and a whole host of vital cogs on their way back to fitness.

    Of course if next weekend is a disaster then it’ll be doom and gloom again ;)

  • Brycie says:

    We will be grand get Ade
    a perm and City won’t recognise him we could them pass him off as Kanu and voila a free striker Thunderbird Parker is a great addition and will lead the way for our less enthusiastic members ie Hudd Mod with his work rate etc so I predict not only a riot but also 4 th this year!!! COYS

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