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Good awning. 

With the weather as unpredictable as it has demonstrated itself to be of late a stout piece of reliable tarpaulin may prove itself invaluable.

And then there was Stoke. 

The first question in any interrogation is to the questioner who needs to ask his or herself (ooh stop, it’s not lunchtime yet) how important the matter is.  The much ‘debated’ issue of fielding children over adults has been somewhat at the fore on here of late.

Stoke were put up as prime example of  a side that caught out, spreading themselves too thinly. By contrast, BMJ’s Fulham by stark contrast proved that offering up your first team need not necessarily court disaster as they drew with FC Twente and then pulled off a historic draw against the free scoring and merciless Manchester City.

So who will play? Stoke are neither a bunch of well meaning sweaties, nor a shower of faceless Greeks. 

Judging by Arry’s latest comments what we will get is something between the first team and the yoofsters. Gomes, Pav, VdV, Dos Santos and presumably anyone else Arry can’t reach using the power of …trifficness.


Minus PNB and Ade we will struggle. This isn’t at all me being Mr MiseryGuts, rather me being Mr OpinionBasedOnHowWeWhereBeforeTheyLanded so 0-0.


I’d be fascinated to know why Steve Perryman has only just be inducted into the Hall of Fame? Is there really a probation period in which you mustn’t dis da club?


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