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Receive great football content from, and offers, vouchers, competitions and the latest news from your favourite brands and retailers wherever you are, direct to your mobile phone!

The Qustodian service works via an application that you can easily download to your phone when you register.

The application is an inbox, in which you will receive messages from, brands and retailers who match your profile.

Our service is free of charge; all you need is a phone that can connect to the mobile Internet (with a flat rate data plan or Wi-Fi).

Qustodian shares 50% of the net income we make from companies that want to communicate with you and your network of friends who have joined the service!

When you interact with your messages, cash is credited automatically into your Qustodian account.

You can also earn cash when the friends you have invited to the service interact with their messages, so your potential to earn is limitless!

You can transfer this money to your Paypal or bank accounts whenever you want to spend on anything you wish, as well being able to donate a proportion of your balance to one of our sporting charities.

The beauty of Qustodian Sports is that you can stay in control and only get the messages and offers that you want!

You can customise your online profile and edit your preferences, including the team that you support, your interests, things you’re looking for and your favourite brands. This ensures that you only receive information that interests you, when and how you want to.

You can update, correct or delete your profile whenever you choose, but you’ll never want to change the team that you support!

Your data will never be shared with 3rd parties in a personally identifiable way, unless you expressly request that you are happy to do so.

Remember that the more you update your profile, the better the offers you will receive.

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