Arry Preparing Tottingham Exit

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Good evening all.

A considered question to those who might feel I’m giving Arry a rough ride. Name me another Premiership manager who so profusely publicly contradicts the decision and the will of his club’s board.

I continually kid myself I’m a balanced chap but striking a balance between Derek Nimmo and Don Logan (bad Ghandi) is a demanding role. And then I get this. 

He simply cannot help himself can he? Can we get get a quick word Aitch? Oh for the man’s ability to reply, ‘Velocity’ and keep walking. Alas no. No microphone is safe from the earnest emissions of a man possessed by the need to cover himself.

‘Well I told you we shudda sold ‘im back in June.’

Avergrumble and Twitch indeed. This guy is a good manager. And an excellent crisis manager. And perhaps that’s it in a nutshell. He realizes this and is hell bent on creating a crisis so that he might step in and mop all our fevered brows with his fabulous fire fighting skills. Who knows?

“I could sit here and say Luka was happy, that he was glad he didn’t go to Chelsea and get all that money and that he is much happier here now but I’d be talking rubbish.

“I don’t know how he feels. You’d have to ask him. If he told you the truth, I don’t know what he’d say but he’s here and he’s got to get on and play.

“I’d always been brought up with the belief that if people didn’t want to play for your club, you move them on and bring in someone who does want to play for you and I was of that opinion in the end.

“I thought that if Luka didn’t want to be here, we should take the £40million and all move on but I love him as a player. He is fantastic and now it is all done, I’m delighted he is still here.”

Arry, here’s a tip from (believe it or not someone who thinks you’ve done good works here…

Shut up and remember where you are. You’re dealing with intellectually sharp people not only as fans but also on the THFC board. Not ‘idiots’, some snoring old duffer of a chairman or some on the run Bond villain. 

It is extraordinary that you are still peddling this sympathy hug schtick for a contracted employee. Spare all of us this garbled home spun East End rubbish about ‘turned heads’ and get yourself familiar not only with contract law but a process you seem to become spectacularly unfamiliar with of late called, ‘acting like a naffing grown up.’

If it goes wrong here – an outcome by the way none of us seek – do you genuinely believe that this nonsense will somehow act as a safety net? Christ you must be thick.

Get on with managing a great club. A well run club and stop acting the damn goat.

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  • Westie says:

    I have to say that i think you may be right…. seethis article and it does look like the writing is on the wall for old harold ….

  • NN says:


    Harry that is.

    Of the Redknapp variety.

  • Benson says:

    Please tell me it’s a parody HH :( If the prick carries on like this he’ll be leaving THFC in a wooden box…..if they can find what’s left of his body once the “faithful” have finished with him.

    I wonder whether part of Sandro’s new deal involves him smashing Twitch so hard he has his jaw wired shut for the next 9 months.

  • chris says:

    While it’s true Harry does need to have a word in his divorce lawyer’s shell about getting a separation from Sky Sports, the reality is that he simply can’t side fully with Levy and not with Luka, as Luka is the one he has to see at least two or three times a week. If he slags Modders off and tells him (through SSN) to cram a sock in it and BEHAVE, then he’ll give nothing on the pitch for 4 months and then sod off in January. Harry’s stuck in the middle of his chairman and his best (?) player and as a result takes the most criticism.

    • Benson says:

      He can play middle ground in the changing rooms though. The incessant need to air the club’s laundry in public was beyond a joke before last season started let alone this.

      • chris says:

        Agreed. He needs to keep it shut a lot more often, and STOP TELLING EVERYONE WHAT TEAM HE’S FEILDING BEFORE EVERY GAME !!!! I just think he get’s a lot more stick than is fair.

    • Spurfect says:

      That’s just bull, all he needs to say is ‘he’s staying here no more comment’ no pandering to the board or modric. But no he has the get his excuses, or safety net as Harold so perfectly put it, he was making his excuses before every prem game after Christmas against reams we shoulda beat and subsequently lost or drew with. Be quad he was on a personal ego massaging mission in the champs league. And not concentrating on finishing 4th to cement our place and status.

    • dalziel says:

      surely he can just say nothing??

      • NN says:

        He also said that the poor start to the season has a lot to do with players wanting to leave and that the speculation left him sensing that ‘things weren’t right here’. So WHY stoke the fire every friggin day of the window and WHY continue to do so a week after it closes by also confirming in the same breath he wanted to sell Mod? 50% of the speculation comes from him, ergo 50% of the negative impact that he identifies himself is his own fault and his direct doing. Our own manager. Wow. I should think Martin O’Neill on a caretaker role would provide a better season from here. That route doesn’t provide £5m compo from England though….

    • DAVSPURS says:

      You are right CHRIS but this is where Harry earns his salary he suppose to be good at man management according to theory’s. The problem is he don’t practice them just look at his media skills the Bent fiasco THE Bentley ice Bucket the palacios meeting with his mother out shopping Dosantos parents meeting Bales back Lennons sickness Woodgates injury Leaving Kranjcar on the bench for five weeks even though we lost he played him and we won both. The Modric turnaround letting Wodgate go for nothing and making Stoke and Villa stronger saying about Crouch he is going nowhere. Why have we made the stoke games a nightmare and possible no points only Spurs can put profit before points.

      • Epic says:

        Hutton and Jenas dont make Villa stronger at all and Stoke signing 3MP means they have effectively neutralised their goal threat from Delap throw ins, as they will inevitably be aimed at Crouch and he will always bollix it up.

    • The V says:

      You are right. Doing it in public reinforces it. These players play for the manager.. let the facker manage in his way. Get behind it.

      And HH, I expect more from you.. I’m not saying shut up and stop questioning things like this but for facks ache why can’t you just understand how Arry does it? It works!! stop trying to turn him into David Moyes. Christ!!! Everyone knows, no one is having anything pulled over there eyes. That.. is the beauty of it. The Press get what they wAnt, the player gets a manager that is on his side, the chairman gets a manager that has players on side and he gets to play the big bad villain. It’s simple stuff. Simple stuff. I get it and I’m no intellect.
      Come on.. get off his case.

  • Iain says:

    Interesting about the Sandro contract. Sounds like the end is nigh. Combined with Harry’s latest Modric remarks it would seem to be open warfare.

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