Date: 9th September 2011 at 9:46pm
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Good evening all.

A considered question to those who might feel I’m giving a rough ride. Name me another manager who so profusely publicly contradicts the decision and the will of his club’s board.

I continually kid myself I’m a balanced chap but striking a balance between Derek Nimmo and Don Logan (bad Ghandi) is a demanding role. And then I get this. 

He simply cannot help himself can he? Can we get get a quick word Aitch? Oh for the man’s ability to reply, ‘Velocity’ and keep walking. Alas no. No microphone is safe from the earnest emissions of a man possessed by the need to cover himself.

‘Well I told you we shudda sold ‘im back in June.’

Avergrumble and Twitch indeed. This guy is a good manager. And an excellent crisis manager. And perhaps that’s it in a nutshell. He realizes this and is hell bent on creating a crisis so that he might step in and mop all our fevered brows with his fabulous fire fighting skills. Who knows?

“I could sit here and say Luka was happy, that he was glad he didn’t go to and get all that money and that he is much happier here now but I’d be talking rubbish.

“I don’t know how he feels. You’d have to ask him. If he told you the truth, I don’t know what he’d say but he’s here and he’s got to get on and play.

“I’d always been brought up with the belief that if people didn’t want to play for your club, you move them on and bring in someone who does want to play for you and I was of that opinion in the end.

“I thought that if Luka didn’t want to be here, we should take the £40million and all move on but I love him as a player. He is fantastic and now it is all done, I’m delighted he is still here.”

Arry, here’s a tip from (believe it or not someone who thinks you’ve done good works here…

Shut up and remember where you are. You’re dealing with intellectually sharp people not only as fans but also on the THFC board. Not ‘idiots’, some snoring old duffer of a chairman or some on the run villain. 

It is extraordinary that you are still peddling this sympathy hug schtick for a contracted employee. Spare all of us this garbled home spun East End rubbish about ‘turned heads’ and get yourself familiar not only with contract law but a process you seem to become spectacularly unfamiliar with of late called, ‘acting like a naffing grown up.’

If it goes wrong here – an outcome by the way none of us seek – do you genuinely believe that this nonsense will somehow act as a safety net? Christ you must be thick.

Get on with managing a great club. A well run club and stop acting the damn goat.