Both Goals, Not To Mention Staggeringly Informed Analysis

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A pretty damn sound performance.

Wigan were  like a butch ugly woman who became coarser and even more deeply unattractive with a few ales down her. Another red card against generated by another side that simply could not cope in a coherent or indeed honest fashion with the boy Bale. 

This was, as has been said at length a big game in terms of Tottingham demonstrating that they had actually made some progress. No, no one like going up there and having to slug it out with part time pipe fitters and doormen moonlighting as Premiership footballers. But sufficiently we did just that.

There were a few hairy moments sure, but that’s show business. It was a job not just ‘done’, but one done with no little panache. Not quite as much panache as per Liverpool, but then Liverpool were in a coma. Stoke were not unconscious, they were wide awake. And whilst they had plenty of drive, they were found in the final analysis to be just a bit too thick.

Player ratings will be fairer when we have all had a chance to catch up courtesy of MOTD, downloaded highlights etc. 

3 points and little reason to either Avergrumble or Twitch.

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