CorBlimey! Spurs Striking Options Suddenly Look Lethal

Image for CorBlimey! Spurs Striking Options Suddenly Look Lethal

Good afternoon. 

Before my attention is drawn by the sort of  reader that types with one hand and massages peanut butter into their neither regions with the other that this is not breaking news  …I know.

I only got around to watching this today. I have an aversion to the youth players which is justified. I’ve watched two entire games featuring them and on both occasions I bailed before full time with a pressure in my skull that could only be relieved by trepanning.

Maybe this clip is good because it’s only a clip. But this Coulibaly chap looks useful. Perhaps when Defoe fancies giving exhausted linesmen a rest at some stage we could roll him out?

Full match report HERE

Highlights below…

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