Date: 22nd September 2011 at 8:45pm
Written by:

Guten Abend.

This won’t go down well (that’s what she said) with some but it comes from a depressingly decent source.

Answer me this. Is there a thing, a device more transparent in the known world than that of Redschnapps? I think not.

If you ask any fan who our striker coach is they will all answer with the same name. Les Ferdinand.

So why does raise the issue HERE???  

“although we already have who comes in to help our strikers”

“Comes in to help our strikers”  – Sorry Arry, comes in to help? You dirty rotter. Can’t you do anything behind closed doors?

There’s been a royal bust up between Sherwood & Les that will see Les walk from The Lane very shortly. How could his position remain tenable? 

My guy tells me that it is that has Arry’s ear. And if you will forgive the vernacular, it is Timothy that is being groomed by our tight lipped supremo in the hope that Levy & Co will see him as the ‘natural’ and ‘inexpensive’ successor.

I could weep. 

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