From Inside The Lane: Arry & Tim Want Les OUT

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Guten Abend.

This won’t go down well (that’s what she said) with some but it comes from a depressingly decent source.

Answer me this. Is there a thing, a device more transparent in the known world than that of Arry Redschnapps? I think not.

If you ask any Spurs fan who our striker coach is they will all answer with the same name. Les Ferdinand.

So why does Arry raise the issue HERE???  

“although we already have Les Ferdinand who comes in to help our strikers”

“Comes in to help our strikers”  – Sorry Arry, comes in to help? You dirty rotter. Can’t you do anything behind closed doors?

There’s been a royal bust up between Sherwood & Les that will see Les walk from The Lane very shortly. How could his position remain tenable? 

My guy tells me that it is Timothy Sherwood that has Arry’s ear. And if you will forgive the vernacular, it is Timothy that is being groomed by our tight lipped supremo in the hope that Levy & Co will see him as the ‘natural’ and ‘inexpensive’ successor.

I could weep. 

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  • nicktheyid says:

    bout time too ! ive said a few time on this blog that we were free scoring before “sir les” pitched up.kind of depressing to think that sherwood could be the next boss,though i suppose we should be used to it,from dead wood to sher wood

  • melcyid says:

    I dont want a manager called Tim.

  • Aimee says:

    Perhaps he is just a bad coach. As facts would err to. So yah, get a better one in. Thats how teams get better.

  • cc says:

    Spurs looked great against Wolves and Liverpool.

    The new signings Friedel, Parker and Adebayor have been excellent.

    We played some beautiful football against Liverpool and dug in at Wolves to get the wins in both games.

    If we stick to the winning team that started both games I think we will beat Wigan and no reason to fear Arsenal in the next game.

    If we had better cover for Adebayor Spurs could have a genuine shot at the title and at least bing the top club in London would be realistic.

    Good times to be a Spurs fan.

    • jerkinmahjurgen says:

      very well said. We play great under Harry. Now we’ve a striker too. Shame about cover, as you say. HH, Harry’s been great for us so stop whinging, although I’m also not sure that Sherwood is all that and I think Les is shit. Always has been.

      • cc says:

        I dunno what Sherwood or Ferdinand actually do.
        We have their job titles and a few things to go on but no real idea of how they work.
        So I don’t have any reason to disassociate them from the general performance of the team which is generally very good.
        Only thing I would say about Ferdinand is that if he is responsible for training the strikers Adebayor’s arrival gives some interesting insight.
        Spurs have looked excellent up front when Ade has played and pants when he has not.
        Which tells me that if a striker is good enough they can excel in our team.
        Therefore as suspected the problem was that the strikers last year just were not good enough.
        Ferdinand may be great or terrible I do not know. But the strikers he had to work with last year were poor and he cannot make a silk purse out of a sows arse.

  • Chrispurs says:

    the sooner Mr Les Ferdinand goes the better, our ‘strikers’ have regressed under his tutorship. Better without him, get rid.
    Oh and first!

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