Kevin Bond’s Outburst At Scotty Parker

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Respec. Innit.

Proof that this blog blossoms purely upon the unhinged content of its troubled/gifted (delete as appropriate) readership was proved in the last  competition. I asked you – forgive me – naively suggest you email me your solutions as to the pixelated players and I get not one correct email but every possible comedy trio of random names imaginable.

‘Des O’Conner, Michael Barrymore & Liam Brady’ Aitch. Don’t worry about the tee shirt, just send a shoulder of Tesco Scotch.’

So here is today’s opportunity of a lifetime to win a tee that is actually outselling the Sepp Blagger one. The prize (not that many of you bar stewards care :-p )  is HERE.

What was Bondy saying? What was Scotty saying back? What where the others thinking? Oooh the pissabolities.

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