Date:16th September 2011 at 7:49am
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Good morning all.

Roll on Sunday and the opportunity to watch a football match. Yes, a point in the bag, good to give the kids a run out and all that but it was horrible viewing and I don’t believe I’ll bother watching any more of this pap. 

On a practical note it will be interesting to take a peek at ticket sales for home fixtures for games featuring such weakened teams sheets. I would imagine that Levy & Co will be all over Arry on this and it may be a good juncture to run the tape showing fans fleeing the Lane during the course of the second half of the Hearts match.

I will of course be blasted for suggesting this with such illuminating arguments as ‘we woz 5-0 up’ ‘good to see the kids play’ but I wonder (with the notable exception of clowns such as ‘Proper Fan’ who soon naffed off when reminded that the game was included in his Season Ticket…) how many of the poor bar stewards contemplating reaching into their already recession hit pockets will bother.

Maybe I’m out of touch. Maybe I’m not a true fan. Maybe watching children play chase ball is the future. I have never tried Lachanorizo –  Cabbage with rice – but my guess is it’s a truly dull dish.


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