Ledley King [Positive Updates]

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Me again.

Two bits of nice news. The first is that I’ve had it confirmed that Sir Ledders is being assessed for the Norf Landan Darby™ today and it is thought he will be fit and ready to participate on Sunday.

To this extent his web chat on Twitter will be slightly delayed and should now kick off about 1330hrs today.

Ledley King will appear before fans to give his opinions on the match and the 2011 / 12 Barclays Premier League so far. Fans can submit questions to the defender in advance (now) via the Barclays Football Facebook page and the Barclays Footy Twitter account, using the hashtag #AskLedley as well as live during the interview today.

The best questions will be put to Sir Ledders Of  King, giving fans the chance to interact live with our Club Captain.

If you miss the chance to watch Ledley King live, the full interview will be available on the Barclays Football You Tube channel from Friday afternoon. 

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  • bukkake-breath says:

    too sunday.. bookies make us favourites i honestly feel for the first time ever that we have a good winning mentality which is precisly what weve needed for so long. barndoor to slay the scum!

  • Yachtsman says:

    A few more wins like yesterday’s will indicate that we are in sight of that plateau called “maintaining a winning pattern,” i.e. of being on a par with the big boys when it comes to results week in and week out. We did what was necessary against a plucky, really at times quite an exciting and capable side (though I can only speak for the last 55 minutes; wish I had seen all of the game.) However, we still seem to turn the switch off just when the electricity is flowing. Manure left the switch on against the Gooners and it was 8-2. They can be relied on, by and large, to do so whenever necessary (though Basel showed me/them a thing or two – even the Roman Empire did not last for ever!). I’d like us to do the same sometime soon (a straight forward win will do very nicely on Sunday!). This way the lads will put down a marker: watch out, we have that mixture of 90 minute determination and toughness some call ‘being ruthless’.

    Yesterday the two most exciting players were Townshend and De Santos, with Defoe showing me a thing or two, especially with the third goal. Carrol is a diamond in the quartz stage. Not so sure about the Spanish lad; he’ll come along with playing time.

    • Harry Hotspur says:


    • SpursGator says:

      Dos Santos DID look good – his best game for Spurs.

      The “kids” (which really means the second string – only Kyle Walker is in our first team right now, and yes, I know that Defoe and Lennon started) were fine. I will remind you that the team they were playing has an annual turnover of 600,000 quid.

      It was also good to be reminded of how great it is that our first team can at long last pass off a first touch. Our second team can’t – plooping it up in the air and dribbling in a random direction before attempting a pass is more their thing. It was like watching one of Jol’s teams. I kept looking for Jenas and Zokora.

      If we can play that team and win at home against Rubin Kazan, then I will be impressed. No disrespect to Shamrock; not that everyone’s been positively drooling with respect. They played well for a team that spent 87 minutes in their own half of the pitch. Plus their traveling fans got to witness an honest-to-goodness goal at WHL. That was fun for everyone and for Channel 5 and just think how many more eyeballs saw that many more Big Brother blurbs with the telecast turning out to be a real cup tie and all.

      Can it just please be Sunday 1600 now? I’m twitching at the office here – really disrupts my powerpoint talents…God I am bored.

  • sydney wale says:

    Dear Ledders
    How do you sleep at night knowing that you are a gilt edged Tottenham legend ?

  • sydney wale says:

    The excitement would keep me awake all night.
    Good luck for Sunday
    All the best

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