Date:13th September 2011 at 8:33am
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Good morning. 

I like Danny Kelly. I think the watershed moment that turned my head was THIS. And this morning he demonstrated his unerring ability to do his job well rather than just regurgitate all the usual…

Would you swap Torres for Modders? 

The addition of Adebayor I am convinced will ultimately proved to be an inspired move. Is he the world’s greatest striker? Well perhaps not as we speak. But he’s a player that evidently thrives on being given a new lease of life. Imagine a scenario were another household name were to join him.

Torres against the immediate and perhaps somewhat harrowing backdrop of his Liverpool form had a good spell one season and then went right off the boil. His £50M price tag requires not a pinch of salt but the complete suspension of ones disbelief. The figure reflected the buyers ambition, not the market value of the product.

Modric we know and indeed must accept is – barring an act of God – or a treble winning season, not stopping long. And so of all the guff that the transfer rumour mongers generate, this concoction might not have legs, but it’s difficult to deny it has a pretty face. 

I know some reading this will be unthinkingly dismissive. Buy I tell you this. If you want to predict the future just think up that which is seemingly crazy today. Garages selling ice cold beers, Adebayor and Gallas in Tottenham shirts…