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Good morning fight fans. 

There was a point in the game, just before half time when I let my mind wander and ask why this Liverpool side were having rings run around them. My mind came up with a few simple suggestions. 

First up, we were first to virtually every ball. And when we weren’t we didn’t sit back off them – we tackled and it has to be said won the bulk of those challenges. Of equal importance was our ability to retain possession. I’m no stat man but I only noted one or two occasions where duff passes crept in.  Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce Pathe News Boy.

The absence of Azza and Pete also played an enormous part in matters. Lennon’s form every season is up and down like bloggers blood pressure and for every run that ends in him skipping his way into a brick wall or crossing to no one  there is always a counter attack from the other lot.

3MP’s absence has been as refreshing as a lottery win. The days of hoofing it to  Tall Circus Man who was pretty bloody awful at heading the ball are over. The days of opposition players walking up behind him, holding their face and pretending they were elbowed by the boy who was born with his limbs stuck on backwards are equally over.

The Europa tactic appears vindicated. Certainly we looked spritely enough and Stoke’s walloping at Sunderland certainly says, ‘Something went horribly wrong’ rather than, ‘unlucky.’ That said, just as the game vs Liverpool was a thing of beauty; the match against the Greeks was not.

Dalglish needs to watch himself. He’s rapidly wandering into Aunty Wenger territory with his conspiracy theory that the MIBs have got it in for him. The reality is that he needs to keep backward thugs like Charlie Adam in check and practice winning and then retaining possession.

In the slow mo replay of Adam’s vicious assault on Scott Parker you can see his eye-line rise up from ball to man just prior to his studs plunging into our man.


Spotted in a local shop trying on wigs and false nails for a laugh in the 2nd half. At full time he was seen hiding a Chick King box in his glove bag.


Looked Accomplished & Elegant with every touch. He must revel in days like these. Calm under pressure, cunning going forward.


Increasingly looking the part, lots to learn then who hasn’t? He appears thankfully mature for his years.


Didn’t put a foot wrong and the brown paper & string held up in the heat. Nobody enjoys the whole, ‘will he, won’t he play?’ routine, but that’s showbiz.


Always benefits hugely from having Ledders with him. His performances with Dawson are not so neat and contained.


A discreetly brilliant performance. I’m not convince Arry either understands or appreciates him but I’d like to watch him blossom at The Lane.


No like Second Hand Fridges. All the ‘why can’t he bloomin’ well do that for us’ merchants after his recent Croatian goal can come out from down the back of the sofa ooh in another day or two.


Pathe News Boy is what we have been missing for about 20 years. Delightfully no nonsense, British bulldog stuff from start to finish.


Some extraordinary touches and some less extraordinary ones. Still an absolute motoring monster. Needs a goal. 


Another day another masterclass in being a supremely talented and intelligent Premiership striker. Can we buy this one, please? Can we? Can we?


Clearly benefiting from the ‘Ade Effect’ that said my aunt Dolly would up her strike rate palying in the same team as him


All the good stuff with none of the wasted chances stuff. A bit out of position but this was a substitution. Great sub to have, eh?

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  • TMWNN says:

    Rent-a-gob out!

    An amazing performance yesterday, and full credit to everyone. Special mentions to my old mate Ade and Parker. Rat face’s strike was rather special too, but awarding him with a pay rise after what’s been said and playing the ‘head not right’ card, doesn’t sit too well with me, but I suppose that’s the modern game – anything goes. Modric and Adebayor prove that there really is no limit to the fickleness of football supporters.

    I’ll openly admit that I’d written this season off, but after seeing how poor the scum are and how poor the dippers are, we really do have a good chance. Let’s not forget how influential King seems to be for the defence (him and Kaboom looked like rocks) and keeping him fit for as many games as possible could prove vital, even more so with Adebayor.

    Was Adebayor that good at the scum? I remember him scoring a lot of goals, but I don’t remember his all round game being as good as what I’ve seen over the last couple of games – very impressed. Defoe took his goal brilliantly too, but we’ve been here before with him; more cold than hot. Let’s hope that finally having a real fooballer alongside him, and not some two bob streak of piss, gets his game back on a consistent track.

    I agree with Finn in that it’s still a slight concern that we didn’t turn our total domination into more goals until they lost a player or two. Something that was responsible for us not making the cut in the last campaign, but who knows what might have happened had they stayed as 11? With a ‘proper’ striker in the side now, hopefully it won’t be as big a problem this season.

    Concentrate primarily on the league, but with the squad we’ve got (if they’re ever all fit), we should be able to treat The FA Cup with more respect than we have done, whilst continuing to bring on the ‘kids’ in the other two cups.

    Early days, but yesterday’s performance has rekindled my hope. A 3-1 loss to Wigan next then.

    * Devonshirespur, Toddspur and anyone else who is a overly precious – please don’t take that last bit too much to heart. I wouldn’t want to be held responsible for more soiled nappies. :daumen:

    • Tel says:

      totally agree re Adebayor. dont remember him being such a work horse or all round player at the scum… but then it si early days and he is famous for going off the boil after 6 months or so. We’ll see.. he seems to have matured so fingers crossed


    • toddspur says:

      a very balanced post

      unlike 3MP

    • devonshirespur says:

      I’m in shock TWMNN, thats bordering on positivity…..see, you can do it! Doesn’t it feel good! :-)

      I even agree that it would be just like Spurs to lose to Wigan!

      • Essexian76 says:

        Well,I had to read it twice myself

        • eastanglianspur says:

          Just goes to show you don’t have to be a sycophant or someone who thinks the sun shines out of Old Redders arse in order to be positive. :daumen:

        • Essexian76 says:

          I certainly hope you’re are not referring to me, I really do mate!

        • eastanglianspur says:

          I’m referring to all those of a type as described whereby if the cap fits then they have to wear it. If it doesn’t then so be it. :cop:

        • Essexian76 says:

          Mmm, so equally if someone express’ an opinion either for or against a player, manager or fellow fan that you happen to agree with, you feel it necessary to point out that although they were right as shown in the past two resuts, they’re actually wrong; and by your reckoning sycophantic, whereby someone who’s been proved so far off beam it makes Crouchies miss yesterday look like it hit the mark,right in some perverse way? wow, the caps must be really a really weird shape in your neck of the woods old chum

        • eastanglianspur says:


          Equally has got nothing to do with it.

          The issue here is that of the denial of those supporters with rose coloured glasses who live in a fantasy world (fantasy football being their forte) regarding the failures of trout chops last season and the beginning of this season.

          They can’t seem to handle the reality, so when a supporter who can see the reality makes a positive comment on the current reality of the last game or two all those with rose coloured glasses and with now well fitted caps on, make all kinds of weird remarks like. “Well,I had to read it twice myself.” and “I’m in shock TWMNN, thats bordering on positivity…..see, you can do it! Doesn’t it feel good!”

          In contrast I had only to read it once.

        • Phil McAvity says:

          Failures at the beginning of the season? We lost 2 games against very 2 very good teams!! Also Levy hadn’t completed what is now our 25 man squad!!

          So why is it we are wearing rose tinted specs? Could it be that you would rather look for the negatives instead of the positives?

        • UnkleKev says:


          So the beginning of this season has been a failure has it? Seven games in, five clean sheets, a demolition job carried out on one of our chief rivals for a top four place and the only two slip-ups against the two teams most likey to occupy the top two slots come the end of the year. Failure?

          No, the issue here is of people like you attempting to palm off your interpretation of events as fact.

          Is there a flip-side to rose-tinted spectacles I wonder? ‘Cause if there is, you’re wearing them.

        • eastanglianspur says:

          @unfilled cavity and unclekev. Hi guys looks like you’ve still got the rose coloured glasses on and conveniently left out last seasons dire performances against relegation fodder + that super side Citeh we lost 1-5 to and who only managed a pathetic draw against top draw Fulham.

          Here is the real reality, if this season had not been a failure we would already be 2nd or 3rd having drawn at Manures and beaten Citeh.

        • UnkleKev says:

          There you go again, cherry-picking the one fact this year that supports your anti-Harry agenda (Man City’s draw against Fulham). Until then, neither Manchester club had dropped a league point all year (and in City’s case it was on the back of their bow in the Champs League so entirely understandable).

          I left out last season’s end-of-season collapse as only an idiot would argue that wasn’t disappointing. I was taking you to task on your comment that this season so far has been a failure based on nothing more than our inability to overcome the two sides currently at the top of the tree. You have conveniently decided to overlook Hearts away and Liverpool at home (two games during which we played footbal of the highest quality) because they don’t tie in with your preconceived notion of the season so far (and Harry in general) as being a failure.

        • eastanglianspur says:

          @Unclekev Hearts!!??? The equivalent of a League 1 team – you have will have to do better than that old son.

          The two sides that are currently at the top of the table are there because they prepared for a new season whilst Trout Chops and Levy sat on their hands through June and July.

          Then we have the Modric debacle created by Levy through not buying a quality striker or two in previous windows thereby costing us CL football this season. Modric then wants out.

          I don’t know why you bother defending these two chancers.

    • Paul F says:

      How’s the Harry Out campaign going now, TWMNN? In fairness, a lot of us had to argue our ‘Not Harry Out’ position in fairly tough conditions following the shellacking our 3rd string midfield got against Utd and City. So its only fair ou should argue our point on the back of 2 decent wins, wouldnt you say?

      Since Harry is blamed for every player we dont sign, I can only asume he will be credited for those that we do. And in Ade and Parker he has pulled off a couple of masterstokes. A disjointed, not quite right team suddenly looks, er, jointed.

      Youth team tonight please H. Concentrate on the league

      • Essexian76 says:

        No, I’m sorry, still don’t get it. I’m not anti or pro Harry, my problem as was highlighted yesterday is why does he feel the need to spout out shit to all and sundry,especially when there’s no need to? He inferred that Modric was on a 5m players wedge, and we all know that’s simply not true. However his record at Spurs is better than either Jol’s or Ramos’s, and thats undeniable. So if he just shut the fuck-up and did his thing on the field, I’d be unable to critisize him, irrespective of my personel views about. What I wouldn’t be doing is attacking the man without due cause and calling people who can see his value sycophantic-(arse-lickers), simply because they disagree with your view. Argue by all means, after all that’s the point of these blogs, but sycophantic?,I just dont understand the reference?

        • spurious supporter says:

          Totally agree Essex.

          I think that his major shortcoming is his need to provide soundbites for every two-bit hack within shouting distance,but that’s far outweighed by what he’s done for the team.

          The unbalanced views of the haters mean that if you don’t agree with their lack of rationality you are a happy clapper or possess pastel specs.

          Hell, I’d rather see the world in a more positive hue than the miserable shade of his own shite that East Angular seems to view the world through.

        • devonshirespur says:

          Harry is what Harry is… have to take the rough with the smooth.

          I hate his constant gibbering in the press and self-promotion and self-preservation driven comments, but ultimately, on the pitch, we are as good as we have been for a generation.

          According to the anti-lot:

          His successes are as result of fluke and inheriting a good squad

          His failures are all down to his flaws as a manager.

          Its pathetic. He can do no right in some peoples eyes.

          At least the Pro-Arry lot are constructive.

          Jol was a nice guy but not the quality of manager Harry is, and his post Spurs record supports this. i was gutted when Jol was sacked but I’d rather take Warts n’all Harry than Mr Nice Guy Jol.

  • dutchman says:

    Nice one HH..:-)

  • David says:

    The first 20 minutes superb. After Adams sent off–he really is a thug– then it is hard to really judge. I am so glad you recognised Krancjar. He really has been unappreciated at the club. He is as good as anyone in the side and what is more has a great shot on him. Ade an parker are fitting in really well. Ade adds real class and makes you wonder what we could have done last year with a real striker playing alongside Defoe

    • Essexian76 says:

      When players resort to kicking ten bells out of you, you’ve got ’em, and we got them by the short and curly’s well and truly. All this bollocks about ‘9 men Liverpool’ is missing the point by a mile. They were reduced to 9 nine men, because they were run ragged, out-played and out thought in every department. Just remember they (Liverpool) had three-four players who many of our own wanted in our team, and they were sadly shown up for what they were.Was that money well spent? because that could easily have been our money on show yesterday!

      • Heath Spur says:

        Suarez was money well spent IMO. And Enrique for the transfer fee. The rest were overpriced. Can’t believe they sold Meireles AND loaned Aquilani with Adam and Henderson to replace them.

        • Essexian76 says:

          Well, that’s the genius who is Dalgliesh for you, he did the same trick way back when buying the likes of Jimmy Carter, David Speedie and a whole host of crud, then had a run of poor results,and walked out in spectacular fashion leaving Souness to carry the can, short memories ome folk, unlike me

        • Paul F says:

          Where has this commonly stated belief come from that Enrique is a good player? He is garbage! Dont you remember him playing against us for Newcastle? He got relegated with them to boot. Funnily enough, most Liverpool signings have been relegated (Enrique, Henderson, Downing, Carroll, Adam – they tried t get Carlton Cole too). Odd policy, that one.

          ANyway, Enrique is shit. A couple of barnstorming runs up the line and the odd decent cross doesnt change that fact. If he played for us we’d be livid

      • devonshirespur says:

        Too many more results like this for LFC and I can see King kenny once again finding the pressure of management too much.

        Last season he had nothing to lose, the team played that way, no pressure, could hardly do worse. than under Roy. It was easy for them.

        This season expectations are ramped up and some of their players are finding it too much.

  • UnkleKev says:

    Seven games into the new season and five clean sheets.

    That’s not too shabby either.

  • Mikey says:

    Wassup wiv Azza Blud?

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