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Good afternoon.

“There’s players missing, but that’s not far away from our best team, I’m not saying it’s our best team, but there’s enough good players in there to make it very difficult to dislodge them out of our best team.

We’re very, very strong and I think we’ve got the makings of a really good side.”

That’s what our tight lipped, ashen faced supremo had to say on matters. I’d say this was Wigan, not a Manchester side. As discussed previously, Wigan aren’t very nice at playing football. Heaven only knows what their table manners are like.

Good to get another win under the belt; I listened to Johnny Clarke on the Danny Baker show in the morning, had an enjoyable fritter of literally a couple of  quid in the bookies at lunchtime … there have been worse Saturdays.

So to the ratings..and this week you get words and numbers.

 6.832 Another game where he little to do. Gomes must be twisted by the irony that he is more than capable of having to stand up for 90 minutes without falling over and only concede one goal.

 7.013 As rough diamonds go this boy’s a pretty polished example. Reminiscent of A&E’s early appearances in that he’s a good going forward and too frequently less good when defending.

 7.123 This guy must surely be growing on fans. My feeling is that is Mensa badge is in the post but he has a shot on him like Nelson’s flagship and a willingness and desire that many would do well to imitate.

 7.738 Ledders influence off of the pitch I never bought into. I don’t believe in lucky charms. But his effect on the pitch is tangible. Assured and commanding let’s hope he can team up with Gallas for the gooners.

 6.879 Not the best shift he’s put in and of course it was the attempted through ball to Bale that was intercepted and led to the goal. That said, he’s no fool and he’ll be kicking himself today

 6.992 A very good performance but perhaps by his own standards not quite top draw. Was he out of position? Yes, he should be in the middle. 

 7.062 PNB subjected to some horrible assaults masqueraded as challenges yet again. Sadly an indication of how very difficult he is to dispossess. He’s an asset. Wish he was 5 years younger, but hey.

 7.053 Who done yer hair, mate, the council? Ho ho ho. If that was back from injury then we can only look forward to an increasingly exciting season ahead from the boy. A solid performance.

 8.202 Another afternoon in the playground being better than lots of the other boys and consequently getting picked on as they can’t compete. Two reds for now for idiotic challenges and I would expect that figure to rise as the season progresses.

 8. 193 Super goal. I would say that on an average day of Premiership football we see at least half a dozen shots like this ping over the cross bar. The usual negative – he just cannot manage 90 minutes. 

 7.022 Appeared to be a bit off the pace compared to his last few outings and when he wanted to come off, Arry gave him short shrift. You need to look after thoroughbreds Arry, lobbing them a handful of carrots just won’t it, I’m afraid.

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  • Sid Trotter says:

    Totally agree with the accuracy of the decimal points – except there are too few.

    Not q

  • jerkinmahjurgen says:

    Fantastic 1st half. What a midfield we have! And our bench will be full of £15/£20m players – Dawson, Hudds, Defoe, Lennon, etc. Agree with Harry (who’s the best) :) We’re looking very strong all of a sudden.

  • Yiddo says:

    cant work out who some of the players are???

  • Phil McAvity says:

    HH – I know what you are saying about Gomes and last season I was always defending him to other people! But it has dawned on me that whenever I see the Spurs teamsheet and Friedel is on there I am not bothered at all that Gomes isn’t!

    Maybe that is nature’s way of telling me to have more fibre in my diet?

    • essexian76 says:

      One aspect of having Gomes in goal is that his presence gives the opposition a lift. Knowing he’ll often make a balls-up as he did so many times last year, must make a forward’s eyes light up.

      • Phil McAvity says:

        The whole Gomes situation is a tough one. On the one hand he is quite literally capable of making a world class save. Unfortunately he will then make a world class gaff 5 minutes later!!

        • Essexian76 says:

          Yeah exactly, which is what I mean as the oppo’s strikers always feel there’s a cock up in him, so it’s worth a punt (Chelsea, Madrid etc)but against Arsenal 09-10 and both AC Milan games he put in some unbelievable, breaktaking performances. No middle ground with Gomes

        • Phil McAvity says:

          Yeah I agree. At least with Friedel you will get consistancy. I do feel that Gomes has more abilty when on form, but you never know which Gomes is going to be in goal!

        • Phil McAvity says:

          Why has my picture changed??

        • Phil McAvity says:

          Doh!! Was being stupid again!!

        • SpurredoninDublin says:


          I still don’t understand why we are blaming Gomes over any of the three Chelsea goals. Did we blame Mendes over the Manure “goal” that was disallowed.

      • Essexian76 says:

        Who said anything about three goals, Dub?, all I’m saying is he undoes everything fantastic with an equal amount of stupidity. He’s not couragious and doesn’t command the box and the defence as well as Freidel. His (Gomes) lack of guile encourages the opposition and creates hesitancy and uncertainty in our defence.On his day, the guy is unbelievable, but there’s always a cock-up waiting to happen, (as there are with all keepers), but more so with him. we controlled the game v Chelsea, no question, but his error alone created the situation and subsuquently created the opportunity for the officials to get it wrong. But it’s not one game, it was many and increasingly too often.

        • SpurredoninDublin says:

          I didn’t say you were blaming him about three goals, though others have. As you haven’t specified which goal, though I probably know which one you mean, but as they say, to assume “makes an ass of u and me”.

          I see the point you are making, but at the end of the day, he never let the ball in. Blaming him for this is like blaming the victim of a burglary after the police have handed the burglars the key to the victims home. If we are to blame him when the ball did not cross the line, then Mendes must have been at fault at Manure when the ball did cross the line.

          I usually have a great deal of respect for your posts, but I cannot accept that you can castigate the man for what was a referees error.

        • Essexian76 says:

          And to fair, I haven’t highlighted his one mistake, but generalised over the last season. His ability to astound isn’t questionable, but equaly his tendancy to balls up was there for all to see, including the opposition. I cannot believe there’s a Spurs fan living that wouldn’t have wanted him to succeed, but the truth of the matter is simply his mistakes cost us dearly. The goal he conceded at the Lane v Real was the final straw in my eyes. You could feel the atmosphere change in an instant. We had no hope and his cock-up confirmed it, it was like a balloon pricked if you recall. I also think thats where the management decided, that was it or him.

  • stuthemidsyid says:

    “Who done your hair mate? The council?

    That there true genius my friend

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