Date:17th September 2011 at 7:06pm
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Guten abend meine Steffens.

To paraphrase the softly spoken words of Jimmy Greaves, we haven’t spoken recently but I hope we shall be incommunicado soon. Tech issues abound and even a blogger as righteous as me is on all sides is beset by dipsticks.

Bindippers indoors is it then. 

Arry spoke of the Suarez interest. We could dwell on the feckwittery of failing to sign the buck toothed boy wonder, but where would that get us, eh? Arguably fourth mutter the cynics in the expensive seats but what the heck-a-doodle dandy would they know?

Due to circumstances within my control I took up an opportunity to watch King Kenny’s boys go through their paces at Melwood on Thursday and all I can tell you is that Andy Carroll is the real deal. And that Dirk Kuyt bloke certainly ain’t too far behind him. Henderson’s close control is tip top. Downing far more interesting than he looks on the telly. 

Is Carroll worth £35mill? Well the person best placed person to answer that question is also the owner of the fully functioning time machine. But I’d be reluctant to draw a line through his name rather than under it quite yet.

Our lot? Well guessy who and guessy what? They need to lose the whole, ‘It’s Liverpool’ mindset and concentrate on driving the game and winning the game.

With the wind behind us (I’m not talking rib night) we should be looking to nick a win. So that’s me saying I’d also be happy with a credible draw.

If we lose then quite simply there a few good folk in Tottinghamshire that need to readjust their night vision goggles and stop shouting, ‘It rubs the lotion on its skin’ at fellow fans and start thinking about the future. 

We can win. We bally well ought to.