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Guten abend meine Steffens.

To paraphrase the softly spoken words of Jimmy Greaves, we haven’t spoken recently but I hope we shall be incommunicado soon. Tech issues abound and even a blogger as righteous as me is on all sides is beset by dipsticks.

Bindippers indoors is it then. 

Arry spoke of the Suarez interest. We could dwell on the feckwittery of failing to sign the buck toothed boy wonder, but where would that get us, eh? Arguably fourth mutter the cynics in the expensive seats but what the heck-a-doodle dandy would they know?

Due to circumstances within my control I took up an opportunity to watch King Kenny’s boys go through their paces at Melwood on Thursday and all I can tell you is that Andy Carroll is the real deal. And that Dirk Kuyt bloke certainly ain’t too far behind him. Henderson’s close control is tip top. Downing far more interesting than he looks on the telly. 

Is Carroll worth £35mill? Well the person best placed person to answer that question is also the owner of the fully functioning time machine. But I’d be reluctant to draw a line through his name rather than under it quite yet.

Our lot? Well guessy who and guessy what? They need to lose the whole, ‘It’s Liverpool’ mindset and concentrate on driving the game and winning the game.

With the wind behind us (I’m not talking rib night) we should be looking to nick a win. So that’s me saying I’d also be happy with a credible draw.

If we lose then quite simply there a few good folk in Tottinghamshire that need to readjust their night vision goggles and stop shouting, ‘It rubs the lotion on its skin’ at fellow fans and start thinking about the future. 

We can win. We bally well ought to. 


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  • kojac says:

    i wouldn’t right off carroll either,looks a beast of a forward and good for england too,wait til the middle of dark winter to see how the fancy brigade are doing.

    i was also happy to see downing on the wing for spurs,never quite understand the hate for him,a winger is a winger is a winger especially with a left foot


  • kojac says:

    should be a craker 2moro and we really need to win at home and take advantage of the arse f*ck up,it will be classic spurs if we are still below them when they are a complete pile of shite

    • Astromesmo says:

      The Dad’s Army re-run was on earlier… Private Frazer has left the building!

    • Devonshirespur says:

      Fcuk me! TMWNN you must be the most miserable and negative Spurs fans on the planet. You’re the sort of pr!ck who wants us to lose so that (a) you can come on here and say I told you so and, (b) you can then moan about Levy and Arry and Stratford and Jenas and Hutton and Crouch and whatever else you hate about Spurs (i.e. everything & everyone!).

      Go and “support” someone else!

      • TMWNN says:

        No need to wet yourself, Devonshirespur.

        You state your opinion, I’ll state mine, okay?

        • devonshirespur says:

          Whatever! I am still yet to see any evidence of you actually being a Spurs fan. even LFC fans were not predicting they’d win, yet you’re happy to! With fans like you…….etc

          I look forward to your criticism of our win!

        • Toddspur says:

          You need to sharpen up your opinions though.

          Two predictions spring to mind;

          Modric gone by sept 2nd
          Liverpoo to win 1-2

          You have one more ‘out there’. Arry gone by Xmas

          Devonshire well within his rights to get pissed off with persistent naysaying negativity. No doubt your mate will chip in too

          Coys. Onwards and upwards

      • MysteriousStranger says:

        Devonshire calm the “fcuk” down.

        I think we’ll draw. Take your pop now.

        • MysteriousStranger says:

          Now that Adam’s been sent off, I think we’ll win.

        • devonshirespur says:

          We were winning and well on top even before Adam went….have some faith.

        • MysteriousStranger says:

          Right. So winning 1-0 after 28 minutes, and the game is sewn up is it? Note how we failed to score again until they were down to 9 men. Chelsea were all over Man United at the start of the first half in that game, missed chance after chance, and went in at HT 3-0 down.

          And have some faith? Have some perspective, more like. Winning is a pleasure, for sure, but no need to jump down peoples throats cos they don’t predict a Spurs win. What is wrong with you people? We can’t all be eternal optimists like UncleKev, predicting we’d beat Man City, or defeating PAOK with the kids etc.

          And Todd, you can jog on with your snide remarks too. There can actually be a difference between supporting a club and making predictions, supporting a club and liking the manager (or certain players) etc.

          When the whistle goes, we’re all cheering on Tottenham, yet you still fail to understand this, and choose moments like this winning day to have a pop? Good one, goes to show you aren’t quite the pure character you’d like to portray yourself to be after all. So kindly “fcuk” off with the attitude ;-)

  • Jol 5:5 says:

    All right,
    Brad – time to make your self heard and marshall the troops.
    Walker – not a good time to go awol like you were doing in Greece; your’re in defence bud.
    Kaboul – awaken; the oppo came here to score.
    Ledley – right place at the right time.
    A&E – you go girl; you’re well able to get a goal.
    Bale – put in a shift.
    Parker – boss it, them and us. Command.
    Modric – if you keep losing to the other teams you won’t get to the top 4.
    Kranky – a full 90 minutes please.
    Win the ball; use it don’t lose it.
    Jermain – I saw you at Wolves last week. We believe.
    Adebayor – Commeth the hour.

    • Astromesmo says:

      Baler is due one after drifting out of the last couple. Agree on Krankie as well, if he believes he’s half as good as everyone else seems to think, then he needs to play a full 90 mins at full tempo. A cameo here and there for YouTube does not maketh the stuff of ‘first name on the team-sheet’.

      • Essexian76 says:

        As I understand it, Gallas maybe back, so I’d switch Kaboul to right back. That aside we’ve had our fair share of good fortune against them at home over the past three ties and long may it continue. I’ll give a big HUZZAH!, when our leading scorer Carragher takes the field, just love that bloke!

  • ragman says:

    Well ..Harry.
    We shouldnt be happy with a draw. The Liverpool guys can look however frighterning to me. We have troups likewise.
    So we should be happy with a win. Thats it. 2-0 to Spurs!

    • chris says:

      I’d be happy with a draw to be honest.. it WOULD put us above the arse after all, with a game in hand!! .. which obviously we would subsequently lose.

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