Tottingham Have Signed An Absolute World Beater

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Guten Ahbend.

I tell you this much, the natives are friendly. I walked passed a couple in the street both tucking into something I wanted. As this was in one of Harrogate’s many nice side streets and not a nudist beach, I fearlessly approached. ‘Hello, I’m Lee Marvin. Now, where did you get those beauties?”

Straight in there, my friend!” replied a righteous man in a fleece mopping his meated sweat brow whilst pointing at a nearby doorway.  Barely a few minutes after noon this was and within less than a minute I was the proud owner of a roasted pork bap with stuffing, a smudge of apple sauce and smattering of crackling.  A trip to York a while back had yielded something similar. This was actually more better.

And so to young Giovanni and as per the point made in the headline, this ought to be regarded as a new signing by rights. Hint, hint, Arry. C’mon Mr Redschnapps, the boy’s got two feet. You know it makes sense.

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