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Gooda mornin’.

A special welcome to any Rover fans who might be dropping by in the next 24 hours. We trust you enjoy your stay and manage to resist the urge to hospitalize yourselves on our half price beer. 

Word from Arry Redschnapps is that this side will contain [and I quote] “seven or eight Internationals.” Well Arry if you can be bothered then what the heck, so can I. See you on Channel 5 my old son. 

So there is a distinct possibility of a football match breaking out this time around? We’ll have to wait and see. Super Roman Crazypavinchenko is likely to run out again and hopefully an Azza Blud/Krankie combo will dramatically improve his game.

He’s taken a few volleys of abuse of late. I’m convinced he’s a quality striker. That said I’m increasingly convinced he’s at the wrong club and perhaps in the wrong League. He’s not getting either the breaks or the time and if he scores 3 tonight it’ll be the old, …it was only against…

Dos Santos is another likely starter and given his sensational cameos in the Copa America, if he does naff all again his problem is straightforwardly Arry. A few booze hound tales and a snap of him collapsed in the Daily Mail and who wouldn’t believe he was a waster? But his performances  in the Summer were frequently breathtaking.


I’m Carlos Tevez and answering the iron was my idea.



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